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Massive free hosting upgrades!

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[SIZE=13px]We are so pleased to announce that we have completly migrated the entire free hosting service to our new UK datacenter! This was a huge undertaking which envolved transferring 100's of terabytes of your websites files and databases to our improved server infrastructure at our new facility. In addition to moving to a new datacenter, we have successfully adding over 50 brand new servers to increase capacity and speed of free hosting. This new hardware has increased your already fast free hosted sites by upto 2 or 3 times. The speed increases are achieved by not only adding more powerful servers but by also implementing ultra-fast 10GBe high speed interconects between web-servers, storage and MySQL nodes. Watch this space over the next week to learn more about new hardware and services we are launching! To find out more about our free hosting or to create a new account please visit us as [url]https://byethost.com[/url] [/SIZE]
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