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I see, some web hosting services have Zyro as there website builder. I used it plenty of times myself. So I was wondering will us Resellers should have the power to allow ours clients pick more, then one web builder? Zyro is a very easy to use. Yes I know people could, just goto the site, and design then export then, upload. But it would be faster I thought if we had it access at the cpanel it self. Thanks looking into the idea. Also, I hope one day The panel will have the best features ever for free. And Grow ours Reseller services. Edited by TheCLT
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Guest veronica2015
There are many web builders on the market. Zyro is quite useful but clients also should not about other to make relevant analysis about what they are using. It will help them to understand why is their choice is the best one. For this they may use some piece of advice from dedicated sites like [URL]http://bestadvisor.com/main-review/bestwebsitebuilders[/URL] to understand from specialist point of view why there are right in their decision. They may also try to find forums and for their advice or ask Google if they must. Edited by veronica2015
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