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Fastest Free Host in the World!


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ByetHost has been extensively tested against other free hosting providers and has been found to be the fastest among them! The graph below demonstrates the results of a custom PHP benchmarking script that was run on a selection of free PHP web hosts. The script calculates the average execution times in milliseconds (ms) required by the server to process complex mathematical formulas. The test was repeated 12 times at 5-second intervals, and the results were sorted from best to worst in terms of speed and performance. As shown in the graph, ByetHost consistently outperformed the other hosting providers in terms of processing speed.


Fastest free hosting company in the world benchmark results


Free-WebHosts.com currently lists and reviews hundreds free PHP web hosting sites. Many of the popular hosting companies with the largest infrastructure have been tested by Free-WebHosts in order to determine their performance and speed.



"I was very surprised at the fastest free hosts listed. In fact, several of the fastest free web servers below were faster than a very expensive managed dedicated server I rent, and much faster than the dedicated web hosting server this website is hosted on."

- Owner of Free-WebHosts.com


These tests were conducted by https://www.free-webhosts.com/ and the results can be found on their website. Additional information about the tests and their methodology can also be obtained from here.

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