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  1. The only thing that I dislike about them is that they ban VPN users. The rest is fine.
  2. Considering the fact that it is located in the "Domain Market and Discussion" category, I wouldn't really consider it an advertisement even tho, there's a slight chance of it being just that. Many people create accounts then never touch them again.
  3. https://api.myownfreehost.net/ https://kb.ifastnet.com/index.php?/category/50/0/10/MyOwnFreeHost-Reseller/ https://myownfreehost.net/advertisingguide.php https://myownfreehost.net/cpanel-api.php
  4. Hello everyone, I feel the need to specify this again since it has been ignored over and over for a long time. This place is not meant for you to be advertising your reseller services that are under MyOwnFreeHost. You are also not allowed to be advertising competing services/companies. This section is meant for free hosting and premium hosting users of Byet and iFastNet to be sharing their websites with the forum users for obtaining feedback. Please, do NOT post your reseller links here or, you will receive a warning and, your post will be removed! Thank you for y
  5. Howdy, I would suggest you use your domain with a client area or hold a registration system onto it whilst using a separate domain for your customers to have subdomains on. You can't create accounts directly with a domain on them; everyone starts with a subdomain under their reseller. And since you're not advertising your reseller services, you are allowed to post them on here for assistance. Also, there is no way to migrate accounts from another hosting service to your MOFH unless you decide to do it manually. Your customers have to move everything here manually (changing nameservers, up
  6. I am not sure if you are a free hosting or premium hosting user, or maybe you are not aware of this but, iFastNet also offers a free website hosting reseller package on https://myownfreehost.net/. If you're interested in creating your own "hosting company," give it a try. Most of the people that are active on this forum are resellers.
  7. Just place it like any other link wherever you feel the need to do so. <a href="https://ifastnet.com/">iFastNet Premium Hosting</a> If you want to insert your affiliate ID in the MyOwnFreeHost panel, head over to the "Customizations" tab then, select "Your affiliate ID."
  8. It would be a great feature in the current times to act as a WordPress hosting provider, for example, but, unfortunately, it's long gone.
  9. Archelaos


    Welcome abroad!
  10. .tk's don't really work on free hosting unless you are a reseller. The other extensions provided by Freenom should work just fine.
  11. I don't think that's possible with the current API files. You can only have one product.
  12. You can use panel.myownfreehost.net as your hostname and the nameserver should be the ones matching your reseller domain. e.g. ns1.reseller.com & ns2.reseller.com
  13. Hi QuipHost, I'd suggest you open a support ticket here: https://support.ifastnet.com/. They'll be able to answer any question you've got regarding account upgrades.
  14. I doubt the fact that you'd be able to create a custom panel. You and your customers will have to stick with using vPanel.
  15. Archelaos


    Most of the time I go with myBB.
  16. Head over to the MOFH panel and once you're logged in clock on API -> Setup WHM API -> Select your domain then press "Get keys / Select allow IP Address" -> Copy the needed credentials.
  17. Unfortunately, that is not possible on a free hosting package. Try lowering the usage of resource intensive scripts and whatnot and you should be fine or, you can just upgrade to a paid package for as low as $2.99 but, if you want a discount code, feel free to use the code WeHostYou360 for 29% off.
  18. I haven't really ever reached those on my main reseller hosting account. I've had DDoS attacks which got me suspended tho. Regular traffic shouldn't be an issue. All you'd get is a 24 hours suspension as long as the hits received don't exceed 800,000.
  19. That's not possible. x3 is no longer available for VistaPanel and it's very old looking. Most users wouldn't really like having it.
  20. You can't really do that. If you're a free hosting user you can upgrade to a paid tier which provides cPanel.
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