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  1. Maybe an option but I am going to wait until logged 2.0 comes out and project Aurora. Thanks though
  2. What I mean't by what happened is where you said it was being integrated lol
  3. Was being integrated with logged? If so what happened?
  4. Brilliant! How is Project MILD coming along as that seems to almost answer the above. I remember reading somewhere it was being integrated with Project Logged?
  5. Since being back with MOFH since YouHosting went out of business (Much prefered YouHosting as I made money from that) I have not made hardly anything with MOFH as they like the upgrades their selves even though there is the scope to do that on their service with the different plans. (I understand they have to make money) so why would I fork out money when nothing is coming in? What I am trying to do is something that allows me to grow to be able to get to a stage like WHMCS. Unfortunately I am not a developer and last time I had a look at Hans stuff he released I had no idea where ev
  6. Well I was hoping there was another way but I have no idea about API. I was hoping MOFH would be allowing other products like boxbilling or something to tap into their API rather than just WHCMS
  7. Hi, Is there a way that when clients using the sign up form that there is an option to choose which subdomain they want similar to like when they are add a subdomain in the control panel. Only reason I ask is I dont want my domain being the main subdomain. Thanks Daz
  8. Hi All, Thought I would ask for your opinions on a hosting directory I thought I would compliment my website with. Take a look @ http://www.titanhost.net/hostingdirectory Feel free to add your site as well as will need to start populating it but your opinions please. (Please be nice im not a code expert) Thanks In Advance Darren
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