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  1. So there is no proper way to do this through the webmail? seems odd that webmail won't work, why even have it.
  2. It states that I need to add this From (email accounts) "mx.byethost15.com" to the mx records section, upon visiting that section it shows that my domain already has one setup by default. In fact all of the domains have a similar default mx record related to the site name. From (mx records) I added the suggested with priority of 10, now there are two listed. I do not believe that this did anything. I recently enabled cloud flare, seems like the norm. Maybe that is interfering with receiving emails? I am able to send out emails to my gmail addresses, but they come as admin@domainname.
  3. Choices are Apache + mod_php, +suphp +CGI/+FastCGI. Lightspeed, Nginx, or Windows IIs. Here is a screen shot:
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