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  1. Don't use Softaculous. The latest version Softaculous has is a year old I guess. It won't even work in PHP 7. Grab the source from Github.
  2. You could try removing comments (lines that start with "#") to make the file smaller.
  3. Please enable DISPLAY_ERRORS in PHP settings, make sure you have PHP 7.4 selected as the version, set "debug" to true in bb-config.php, and send the output here.
  4. Try re-downloading directly from this link: https://github.com/boxbilling/boxbilling/releases/download/v4.22-beta.1/BoxBilling.zip I just checked it again, and I can confirm it has .htaccess file packed with it.
  5. Hello everyone, I am here to tell you about BoxBilling's new release and give you some details about MyOwnFreeHost support that came with our latest release. BoxBilling is an open-source, free billing and client management software that helps people automate their billing process and tools and features. Early 2020, we started rewriting BoxBilling to get it working on PHP 7.2 and over; it is now optimized to work in PHP 7.4, the latest PHP release. With the new beta release (v4.22-beta.1), we added support for some basic features of MyOwnFreeHost. As MyO
  6. The Monsta FTP client is not related to iFastNet in any way. It's just an instance of Monsta FTP that InfinityFree hosts themselves, and the login credentials are being passed by InfinityFree's custom panel to Monsta. iFastNet doesn't host or maintain the Monsta FTP client or InfinityFree's custom customer panel. You should ask this to InfinityFree.
  7. Just to correct you that it's not the default registrar parking page. That's how MyOwnFreeHost parks your domain, and that's not the 404 page either. When you visit a subdomain that is not being used, MOFH will display that page.
  8. Can you stop bumping old topics? @Jesica There is a better way to increase your posts count.
  9. Is "Softalicous" the new name of Softaculous?
  10. This might not be a FileZilla bug. Try disabling TLS and go without TLS. It might just worked in WinSCP if it didn't use TLS while connecting to the remote server.
  11. Nevermind, I searched the web to see if there’s a new secret search engine, but couldn’t find anything.
  12. Please don't bump old threads anymore. Bumping doesn't help anyone.
  13. Uh? Do you think that this is an appropriate way to advertise your forum?
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