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  1. You will have to wait up to 24 hours for the e-mail. It might also be in your spam folder.
  2. Alright, then, in your CSS links, you'll need to remove the "css" folder, example: <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/style.css"> goes to <link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css">
  3. It seems that your file names are correct, but they are not located in a "css" folder. Are you using a site builder or creating the site yourself?
  4. Could you fix the signature to saying: to: More grammatically correct and more appealing to the eyes!
  5. No, you cannot. Running SSH is basically having root access to the server, meaning you can run commands on it and do practically whatever you want in your permission area. Giving SSH access with a free hosting account is not a good idea as people would destroy the servers with this feature. Most of the time, SSH access comes with VPS and dedicated servers, and it is very rare to see it in shared hosting because of this.
  6. I think that character limitation would be fine for most TXT records, you could try adding a section for it and giving a warning whenever a TXT record exceeds that max.
  7. If you still need a login system for the client area, I have a simple one you could use, demo at https://www.lightspace.cf/beta-dashboard/welcome.php
  8. Yeah, I'm new to PHP too, the best thing I know about back-ends is how to read the API responses and I can understand them, I just don't know how to POST and GET requests to them
  9. About the client area, I could probably help with the front-end, though not the back-end as I don't really know much about making backends other than a simple login system.
  10. I'm not developing the client area, you'll have to ask someone who is.
  11. Alright, then. I'm guessing it will be around $20 or so? I was thinking about buying it when it's finished and re-designing it to fit the design of my website.
  12. No mean to be rude or anything, just asking: by not releasing it to the community, do you mean it costs money now or anyone that doesn't spam and sends you an e-mail or something can get it?
  13. Sorry to bother you again @einet, but I lost the API client download link. Could you resend it to me: tristian.kelly560@gmail.com
  14. I have another website hosted on a server that supports Ruby on Rails, Python, and Node.js, but not PHP. I was wondering how I would connect to the API via Node.js, as I'd like to use that server for my web host's website.
  15. Yes, Google doesn't require domain verification for reCaptcha.
  16. Is it possible to use Google's reCaptcha instead of the Security Code image?
  17. Well, yes, but it's only one page telling you how to connect the API to the client.
  18. @einet I have an idea. You & I could make some documentation for the API Client Area you made (to make it easier for others to get started), and we could put up a GitHub repository for it so people can open issues and we can make it better.
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