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  1. voy a vaciar el cache para ver si así si soluciona, si no lo logro usted podría enviarles el reporte?
  2. I speak spanish. 😲 disculpe, usted escribió #locked en mi otro tema abierto, pensé que lo dijo por el dominio.
  3. Hi, but how can you be locked if you haven't even used it? I bought the domain one day before registering at myownfreehost.net. After registering I waited 2 days and when I entered my freehosting.best I realized that ads appeared as if I was suspended but then the www increased. to my domain and redirects me to my page. I tried to send my problem, but I get this error. Below I leave an image with the error that gives me https://support.ifastnet.com/
  4. No, I did it normal. I put freehostimg.best when registering.
  5. My domain without www. It doesn't work, it appears to me as if my website is deactivated. My domain with www. It works and shows me what's on my website. from my smartphone, domain without www. from desktop, without www. from desktop, with www. Here are some test images.
  6. www.freehosting.best If it works, but without www. it does not work
  7. Hello. I didn't modify anything but I realized that it only works in http and not in https
  8. I have a problem with my domain. http://freehosting.best (does not work) http://www.freehosting.best (if it works) the same with customers http://daycrisasd.freehosting.best (does not work) http://www.daycrisasd.freehosting.best (if it works) I don't know what this problem is, if someone knows how I can solve this problem and tell me, I would greatly appreciate it. 😊
  9. Can anyone help me with this error? The error occurs after trying to register a new user. ERROR #8938749304 Your browser does not appear to be sending refer information this is a requirement web: https://www.freehosting.best
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