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Found 16 results

  1. Здравствуйте. Почему я не могу сделать домен site.pp.ua
  2. Hi, I was trying to find the previous topic about how to get rid of the ending "?i=1" of the domain, but I couldn't find it. Not sure if some topics got deleted, but I figured I go ahead and make another topic about this. Could someone please tell me how to get rid of that please? Example: "www.xyz.com/?i=1"
  3. My domain without www. It doesn't work, it appears to me as if my website is deactivated. My domain with www. It works and shows me what's on my website. from my smartphone, domain without www. from desktop, without www. from desktop, with www. Here are some test images.
  4. Im unable to add domain Im using freenom domain and i have changed name servers 2 days ago still im unable to add the name servers im using are ns1.freesite.vip ns2.freesite.vip domain name is redpaw.gq the error im getting is This could be due to already adding the domain to this or another account or, you have not changed the nameservers as required or not enough time has passed since changing the nameservers… Remember, you need to change the nameservers on a domain via registrar control panel BEFORE adding it to your account, it may take 24~72 hours to c
  5. Hi, it’s been three days since I updated my drivehub.cf domain to point to ns1-5.byet.org, but it still tells me that the domain isn’t pointed. I checked and re-checked the spelling of the name servers multiple times, but it doesn’t work. I was told that .tk domains weren’t allowed so I changed my domain to .cf, but why the two domains I used (that were .tk) were added, but my .cf doesn’t get added? TheLifeGamingYT, CEO and Administrator of CubeCloud (Work In Progress)
  6. What if don't point my domain name to byet's name servers eg. ns1.byet.org - ns4.byet.org, but point it to somewhere else. For example to external DNS Zone or to Cloudflare that will be pointed to byet, is that ok? I mean, won't byet drop, erase, or suspend my account for not having my domain name not pointed to their nameservers? (Because byet might detect that my domain is not pointed to byet's nameservers and think that my reseller website is abandoned and get deleted). ---------------- I like to experiment, but I broke things first.
  7. hi guys how are you? anyone knows how can i add a sub domain for
  8. I was wondering if myownfreehost could also offer us feature to resell domain names as well. We could expand our business and at the same time multiply our profits. Just a suggestion!
  9. Hello, the question is in the title. Thanks for answering
  10. I would like if my client list to reseller host myownfreehost can use his domain, and become the main domain
  11. Plz Help i want to connect domain name with byethost i give this error With the knowledge that I I purchased a domain from a website Amen.fr plz help me
  12. Hi.I tried to create an addon domain, but I get this error "dascaluflorin.com is already assigned and in use.4".I need the addon domain to add a new email adress (https://prnt.sc/fvz43r).Any help?Thank you.Best regards,Florin!
  13. Hi, I need some help with my site. I have a Wordpress.org site (http://sabertooth.byethost7.com/wp/) that is hosted using byethost. I have recently purchased a domain through iFastNet. How do I utilize the domain for my already existing Wordpress.org site? Thanks,
  14. Hi! When i try to add a domain to reseller panel, get this Image1 But a not have access to vista panel. In my email have user and password but doesnt work, i try to recovery pass, but cant how to solution this help
  15. Hi, i have a problem with my web page http://deporteardoz.byethost8.com/index.html. I bought a .es domain (www.deporteardoz.es) in orther to redirect it to my page http://deporteardoz.byethost8.com/index.html. But when i click in .es domain in the browser appears severals mesages that tells me suspend domain. Can you explain me why happends this? Have i to do the redirect to my page in a different way to do it propperly or is not possible? As a free domain user do i have the posibility to redirect from a .es domain to my free byethost8.com domin or it is not possible? Many Thanks for your time
  16. Hello dear staff. i get this error when adding my domain:( This appears to be a subdomain you are adding (1008485) .) my domain is : (iranpayput.ir) i point dns too ......my control panel username is : b22_19211734 ...help me please .kind regard.
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