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  1. I think so. MOFHY-Lite is a better alternative anyway.
  2. @Gautam, try refreshing that file by copying its contents from GitHub.
  3. That's a MOFHY error. Try reinstalling MOFHY. To test SMTP, use your GMail username and app password (You can create this on account.google.com under the security tab). As for the plan, it must match whatever you have set in the MOFH panel at panel.myownfreehost.net
  4. Try testing it using just GMAIL SMTP (Use an app password, not your real one), it it works, the problem lies with Sendean.
  5. @Shen Wei, how do I get the API keys for GoGetSSL Figured it out. Will this be helpful in implementing GitHub login? https://www.codexworld.com/login-with-github-oauth-api-using-php/
  6. Are the API keys setup correctly? Try copying them and re-entering them again. Make sure there are no extra spaces. If not, PM me with your MOFH password, and MOFHY password.
  7. I don't know, and I don't care. If you don't enter it, it does not work. That's all that matters. Please be patient. I will get to thing when I get to them. No, its not working (As you figured out yourself). In the MOFH reseller panel, what is the name of your hosting package?
  8. Please verify my account demo@example.com using the database. In the hosting_clients table, change the number from 0 to 1.
  9. How to re-install it? Just delete the installation (Not the database), and re-upload everything. Make sure to go through the first step of the install procedure to connect to the DB.
  10. Re-install MOFHY-Lite, I do not get this error on my vanilla installation.
  11. Enter the IP "" in the MOFH API panel Enter the IP "" in the MOFHY API settings
  12. A Pull request has been opened on the GitHub Page https://github.com/mahtab2003/MOFHY-Lite/pull/25 To Do Add GitHub login/signup as SSO option Display suspension reason in Client Area ✅ DONE! Add Google ReCapcha functionality
  13. It is fairly easy to implement, so if you could create a pull request and make the changes that would be awesome. I don’t know when @Shen Wei is available, but I might be able to do this by the end of next week. To Do Add GitHub login/signup as SSO option Display suspension reason in Client Area Add Google ReCapcha functionality
  14. What do you mean by that? I can understand creation and psw reset, but where else is it needed?
  15. Can you add the ability for the Client Area to display the reason of suspension (If it was a temerpary one)? InfinityFree has the functionality, and iFastNet support says its possible via the callback URL, however they refuse to tell me how to do it. Thanks!
  16. Can you push out the fix to the following bugs? The CSR Generator does not work If invalid CSR code in entered in the get SSL field, private info is displayed instead of an error Thanks!
  17. Something with the exit statement. @Shen Whi fixed it.
  18. Thanks so much for fixing it! It is really appreciated.
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