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Found 15 results

  1. Bonjour Puis-je utiliser une adresse mail comme Gmail (à la place de : [email protected]) pour les mail envoyer depuis la zone clients (Xera/Generate Area) ? Je ne sais pas si je suis très claire... Mais bon 😅 ---trad google--- Good morning Can I use an email address like Gmail (instead of: [email protected]) for emails sent from the client area (Xera/Generate Area)? I don't know if I'm very clear... But hey 😅
  2. Hi! Although We have 5 e-mails, I can't use that. Why? https://byet.host/free-hosting - it is here it is writing "Sorry due to spam issues email accounts are no longer supported, please consider upgrading your account if this is required" in cpanel. I need that urgently!! Good Forums.
  3. I received an 1kb email(for test use),and it use 3% quota. and it seems if you want to receive emails,set your mx record to mx.byet.org NOT your hosting provider's mx record.
  4. Hello everyone, I'd like some help to create a form for creating an email from a page of my website, first of all, is it possible with VistaPanel? I've done that before with cPanel, but the authorization method is diferent in VistaPanel, and I can't connect the script I've got with VP. Can someone help me? Thanks!
  5. I'm probably missing something. I see I can create an email address and have it be a mailbox, or a forward. Great. I'd like to have a catchall mailbox (or forward) so I don't miss email. I'd also like to set my cname so that mail.z3host.xyz points to a webmail interface. Are these things possible? If not, I can use Yandex, but I thought I'd just have a simple email here. thanks
  6. I made email address for my site and I can't log into any of them. I keep getting the messaged "Failed" The MX and everything is correct but still I can't log into any of the accounts.
  7. Hi I just opened a site and I offer free hosting. For testing I added a site and I can not add any email accounts to the subdomain name My site is abstractartist.xyz and the site I added is artsitview.abstractartist.xyz It's telling me to add a parked or addon domain. How do I do that?
  8. Hi, Byethost staff Long-time user here. I've been trying to setup DNS entries for DKIM on my account for some time. SPF was simple enough through vistapanel's SPF utility, but I can't figure out how I'm supposed to add the TXT entries for DKIM to function. Am I missing a dedicated DKIM button, or do you not allow these kind of entries be created? There doesn't seem to be a direct DNS editor available. Warm regards, Michael Suman
  9. It states that I need to add this From (email accounts) "mx.byethost15.com" to the mx records section, upon visiting that section it shows that my domain already has one setup by default. In fact all of the domains have a similar default mx record related to the site name. From (mx records) I added the suggested with priority of 10, now there are two listed. I do not believe that this did anything. I recently enabled cloud flare, seems like the norm. Maybe that is interfering with receiving emails? I am able to send out emails to my gmail addresses, but they come as [email protected] via freemail.byetcluster.com which looks horrid. The byet hosting mentions there is free webmail, but what I have here does not look right. So I am unable to finish, or at least test this SSL verification because unable to receive a message to inbox
  10. Hello, I want to set up a contact form in my website, which information arrives in my email. But it seems like the mail server is not configured, or not available for free hosting accounts. Any ideas how I can configure it? Thank you
  11. Hi.I tried to create an addon domain, but I get this error "dascaluflorin.com is already assigned and in use.4".I need the addon domain to add a new email adress (https://prnt.sc/fvz43r).Any help?Thank you.Best regards,Florin!
  12. I am using free hosting, and when user fill form, then i am not receiving email ..Why?
  13. Hi friends, i am new here and it is my first post. I want to ask solution of my problem. i have made a website on paks.pk and i have upload website on that domain and i also get an email address of that domain. in my website there is option of CONTACT us when somebody fill the form and submit, it shows that form submitted successfully, but i dont recieve any data in my email. i have given email address of the same domain of my website. plz tell me solution. thanks
  14. Hello! I see that I can't send an email from byethost (because of possible spams). But could I receive email from a php script? It's useful!
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