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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, I wanted to bring to your attention an issue I'm having with logging into my MyOwnFreeHost account. Up until today, everything was running smoothly. However, when attempting to log in via panel.myownfreehost.net, I'm encountering a persistent problem. After entering my login credentials, the page simply reloads, presenting me with the same login interface repeatedly. Thank you for your attention to this matter. Best regards, John M PS: I also tried resetting my password, but this didn't help. UPDATE: I contacted support and they sent me a new password.
  2. Boujour Pouvez vous m'indiquer quel est la valeur de cette donnée présente dans la page d'accueil du panel mofh : Total hits this month : 9,026 Merci ---trad google--- Hello Can you tell me what is the value of this data present on the home page of the mofh panel : Total hits this month : 9,026 THANKS
  3. Bonjour Je suggère de moderniser les styles des différents composent mofh (Vpanel, phpmyadmin, panel mofh...) Parce que le style du panneau admin mofh est trop style "Windows 7", là, ont est à Windows 11... Et il n'est même pas comme la page de connexion... Le Vpanel, J'ai lu sur le forum infinityfree que c'était en préparation (https://forum.infinityfree.net/t/jupiter-theme/84637). Phpmyadmin mérite de nouveaux thème plus modernes : voir ce sujet https://www.byet.net/index.php?/topic/68525-changé-le-thème-de-phpmyadmin-changed-the-theme-of-phpmyadmin/ Et il y à peut être d'autres choses que j'oublie... Voila 😄 . ---trad google--- Hello I suggest modernizing the styles of the different mofh components (Vpanel, phpmyadmin, mofh panel...) Because the style of the mofh admin panel is too "Windows 7" style, here we are at Windows 11... And it's not even like the login page... The Vpanel, I read on the infinityfree forum that it was in preparation (https://forum.infinityfree.net/t/jupiter-theme/84637). Phpmyadmin deserves new, more modern themes: see this topic https://www.byet.net/index.php?/topic/68525-changé-le-thème-de-phpmyadmin-changed-the-theme-of-phpmyadmin/ And there may be other things I'm forgetting... There you go 😄.
  4. Il faudrait moderniser les graphique et l'interface utilisateur du panel revendeur MOFH... ---trad google--- It would be necessary to modernize the graphics and the user interface of the MOFH reseller panel...
  5. This is a VistaPanel Add-on. It serves as a replacement to the original Site Builder - this is using the Site.Pro Site Builder. You just need fill out the form to use it - very easy. You don't need an API key or anything else because my API powers this. It has been tested on my local PC before, and it worked fine. I am not sure about the "Render" option, though. However, the Node Express Host will work. GitHub Repo: https://github.com/ImLoadingUuU/VistaPanel-SB/ Implementation code: Installation: You may introduce it into your control panel by adding it as an advertisement banner. (e.g., in the footer section) The main page should look like this: Error pages look like this:
  6. Howdy Everyone, Here's a free little tool for your cPanel/VistaPanel. It's written in JS and currently maintained under the MIT License. This didn't waste much of my time, so no need for any compliments. This script was inspired by VistaPanel Customizations. Features Change the Title Change the Protocol Change the Logo Change the Theme (Kudos to VPThemes for the CDN and Themes, obviously) Add your own Credits (#93dbba9) Organized Code Clean Setup usage Usage Apply this code anywhere const AlterVP = { title: "AlterVP - cPanel", logo: "logo.png", ssl: 1, theme: "dark", credits: { desc: "AlterCP", logo: "small-logo.png" } }; Apply this code to bottom <script src="//rawgit.com/xpde/AlterVP/master/altervp.js"></script> Source Suggestions? Reply below. Thanks, @xpde
  7. Hi again, sorry for the inconveniences, but now I have this problem: I setup a new reseller account and received the email with all my logins details, so I open https://panel.myownfreehost.net to manage my reseller account, nothing happens, every time I try to login, the page only reloads into de login form again and again. I tried with different browsers, but is the same problem. Thanks
  8. how do I switch from Vista Panel to WHM?
  9. It would be nice if for the plans I could change the Daily Hits. This would be great, I would like to lower some plans and raise others. There should be a max of 80000-100000 Daily hits though so that it is still a limited free account, but this would be great!! Thanks, help support this idea in the poll. Thanks for listening.
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