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When I tried to sign up for a MOFH account, in the email it just said this: 
Dear Reseller, Unfortuantly your applciation to become a free hosting reseller was not successfull. The domain name used for this applicaition was (domain name). Reasons for a failed application can be, but are not limited to (this is a generic list of reasons, and not specific to your application) : 1) Non qualified domain name (we do not allow free domain names to be used for reseller hosting 2) Domain name name not resolving to our name servers (a reseller domain name must resolve to ns1.byet.org - ns4.byet.org Please feel free to re-apply for a reseller account, however please do ensure that the domain name is a real domain name, and that the name servers are set before appllying Best Regards

Is this because i use a .xyz domain? Thanks!

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I think reason for this is not domain extension or DNS.

When I tried to signup at first I also received same emails but then I contacted support and they said that the problem was not with domain extension or DNS but it was domain name. You have to use domain name which gives a anybody idea that the website is about hosting. Extension does not matter.

In short: Use domain name that contains word "host" or any similar word. You may try host4free.xyz (Just an example).

If this does not fix your problem then you may contact support at https://support.ifastnet.com

After you are accepted, you can add upto 5 more domains as resellers and those domains could be anything.

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