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What is the source of signup page for my customer? or How can I add customer from reseller panel?


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I got a question.

and please note that I tried to find the answer of this question,but I could not found it.....

The question is <What is the source of signup page for my customer? or How can I add customer from reseller panel? >

Can someone help me?

sorry for my English level.


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I can help somewhat at the moment, you should have had a web hosting site automatically installed when you signed up.  On that site on one of the pages is a free hosting sign up form where the user can sign up.  You have to look through your links on the pages, depending upon the theme installed the link could be anywhere.  I have found that when I added an extra hosting account from my web hosting Cpanel an entirely different theme was installed as compared to the first.  So get into your site and do some digging around and familiarize yourself with every page and feature.

  Also you have some work to do to update your web theme since some of those themes go back and may have out dated data on them.  You have to add your data for your free hosting package and other packages you create.  You may use the theme to design other pages you want to add and perhaps some sort of Ecommerce store installation like Open Cart (I found this one the best to sell web hosting services and packages) and one of those accounting and billing software for reoccurring payments.

  You will not be able to jump into this all over night, it takes some time to set it all up and configure and customize as well as work out bugs.  Getting the code to work right in adding Ads to the Cpanel and links is a job in itself, you can get that real bugged up with the wrong kind of Ad scripts from the Affiliate Publishing companies.

  So research your web hosting site pages and look for the links or ads to free hosting.  And when you find it you can place a link to it on your home page to help them find it.  Unless you want to keep it hid and have them look over all of the hosting packages and deals first. 

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