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How To Get Free Domain Name Like eu.org


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Go To This Website https://www.hkname.com and register an account(website is chinese please  use google translate)

Verify Your Mail Account,you have 3 domains  you can choose


Choose NS Record.Connect To Dynu DNS (https://dynu.com

You Dont Need To Wait.Just Choose a Domain Name And Click Confirm. :) then check domain name Who.is VtN0NoX.png

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Thank you! This is a helpful tutorial for people that may want an alternative to services like eu.org, however I believe it's being buried under the title you put it as, I was expecting a tutorial for the eu.org service with the current title (for reference: How To Get Free Domain Name Like eu.org). You also did not include some integral parts, such as what records to add (although they're being shown in the next screenshot so not so much of an issue), and how to use Dynu DNS as you recommended (or, why use that instead of pointing directly to Byet).

With that being said, here's some notices from the website that may be important here:


Important Notice: The system will stop using all 168.us and idv.top subdomains on 31 December 2022. All users are requested to update.

(My understanding of this is that the subdomains under those domain names will stop working on that day.)

To prevent abuse of the system's free domain name service, the system has been changed to allow new user registration accounts on occasion, and the next time it will be opened is: October 1, 22

(So, it only allows registrations on a specific day. This makes it less helpful that other services, but if someone wants a now.cc domain they'll have to set a reminder in their calendar. Also, they should probably make sure the registration is done while it's still October 1 in Hong Kong time.)


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