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Client Signup Form Not Working

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Hello! The registration form for my host isn't working.

When you enter all the information, I get an error like "Your browser does not appear to be sending refer information this is a requirement". I also realized that the captcha code is always 61499 (even when I reload the page). This worked perfectly fine before, I think I broke it when I changed the page code at some point to remove the site category and language (I added it back to see if that would fix it, it did not). The signup form was working completely fine in this browser before I changed the code. Does anyone have a default signup form template so I can just remake the form? Thanks!

The signup page: https://smallhost.us.to/register.php

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I had similar issues, so here are the fixes:

- You have to add the following to the head of your signup page:

<meta name="referrer" content="origin">

This will fix the first issue.

- You missunderstood me by keeping the id=XXXXXXXXX. You need to have

https://ifastnet.com/image.php?id=<?php echo $id; ?>

in the image url. That should fix your problem of the code beeing always the same.

Hope this helped you! With these changes, using ifastnets signup url shouldnt be a problem. Also, all mofh templates are here.

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