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  1. You can, but you need to make a plan. Sign into the MOFH Reseller Panel. Go to Quotas and Packaging > Set Packages. Select your domain then click Add/Change Plans. Click Add Plan for your.domain, then set a plan. You can set the amount of traffic (RAM) through there.
  2. Yea, the MOFH Plans page says we can give up to 100GB RAM a month per user. 5000MB is about 5GB. I can make it smaller.
  3. Hello! The registration form for my host isn't working. When you enter all the information, I get an error like "Your browser does not appear to be sending refer information this is a requirement". I also realized that the captcha code is always 61499 (even when I reload the page). This worked perfectly fine before, I think I broke it when I changed the page code at some point to remove the site category and language (I added it back to see if that would fix it, it did not). The signup form was working completely fine in this browser before I changed the code. Does anyone have a default s
  4. Note: I said "or" in the title because I was going to write how you can point to any MOFH-based host as an addon or parked domain but clicked send too soon! Sorry! Follow steps 1-3 in my previous message Choose NS as type, enter the subdomain you want (sub.domainyou.clicked) and set the destination to ns1.yourhosting.provider, replacing yourhosting.provider with the URL of your MOFH-based host (for SmallHost users, this is ns1.smallhost.us.to). Save it. Repeat step 2 for ns2.yourhosting.provider, replacing yourhosting.provider with the URL of your MOFH-based host (for
  5. Hello, owner of SmallHost here, and in this tutorial I will tell you how to get a free subdomain for your web host using FreeDNS. I use FreeDNS for SmallHost and it works! Go to https://freedns.afraid.org/signup/?plan=starter to sign up for a FreeDNS account. Email dnsadmin@afraid.org to ask for NS record access for your account. (NS records can potentially be abused, so FreeDNS wants to make sure you're human. I had my account for about a month before emailing them, and I got access in about 1-2 days time.) Go to https://freedns.afraid.org/domain/registry and click a domain
  6. Thank you for reviewing SmallHost, I greatly appreciate input so I can make things better! Thanks for creating the free SSL tool! I hope you're okay with SmallHost clients using it for their sites, let me know if you want me to take that guide down. I'm kinda confused when it comes to this part...the submit URL is http://order.smallhost.us.to/register2.php as that's the SmallHost registration form. I assume that https://ifastnet.com/register2.php is for iFastNet registration. When I tried changing it to https://order.smallhost.us.to, Firefox gave me this error... Would
  7. Hello! I made SmallHost, a free webhosting provider using MyOwnFreeHost. This is my first time using MyOwnFreeHost and I want your honest opinion of my host so I can make it better. Free SSL (thanks to pichisdns) CloudFlare is activated, so no DDoSes can be done! Users get 5000MB RAM and 1000MB disk at signup, they can earn more resources by spending time on SmallHost to upgrade their plan. A pretty solid, lightweight client panel. Customized control panel using WybeNetwork's themes. A step-by-step documentation guide. Main site: https://smallhost.us.to
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