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  1. Yeah, $resultJsonified->message is returning login.
  2. I have a working code that connects to the API... <?php if(!isset($_COOKIE['userAuth'])) { header("Location: https://smallhost.us.to/clients/login.php"); die(); }else{ $decodedB64 = base64_decode($_COOKIE['userAuth']); $decodedJson = json_decode($decodedB64); $clientUname = $decodedJson->user; $url = 'https://admin.api.pichisdns.com/suspend'; $fields = [ 'email ' => 'MOFH Email', 'password' => 'MOFH Password', 'username' => $clientUname ]; $fields_string = http_build_query($fields); $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt($ch,CURLOPT_URL,
  3. Is there a template you want me to use to credit you for the API, or is me adding this to the page okay? SmallHost Deactivation uses the BastelPichi2 API (hereinafter "THIRD-PARTY"). Your SmallHost username will be shared with THIRD-PARTY for the sole purpose of deactivating your SmallHost account, and you consent to your username being shared with THIRD-PARTY.
  4. Thank you for clarifying that! I'm working on implementing the API to SmallHost right now, it might take awhile for this to appear.
  5. That's one of the issues I have, I don't think its possible to force HTTPS. The cPanel does have HTTPS and when you click the Control Panel button on the Client Panel it will load with HTTPS, but sadly I don't know how to make it load by default. If you have any CSS code you want me to consider using, feel free to send them here or in the Discord. For security reasons, I don't feel comfortable giving my SmallHost login credentials.
  6. First off, I'd like to thank you for making this API, however I do have a concern regarding the logging of my MOFH panel login as it gives full access to SmallHost. May I ask what you would do with this information, if anything, or are you just logging it to detect any abuse?
  7. I'm working on making a program to do this in Python, however SmallHost doesn't have any funding to spend on a VPS server. As soon as I set up ads or get a job (whatever comes first), I'll see what I can do in regards to buying a VPS server. Also, a $2 VPS server is very inexpensive. Are you sure that isn't a monthly charge? Even if it is monthly, that's still cheap. Where did you find that VPS server?
  8. That sounds possible...the problem is I'd need to code a Python bot to do that or find a way to do it in PHP with cURL. I'd also need to add a user agent header to make it look like its a browser sending the requests because it might not allow automated requests. This will take some time to do... Edit: Here's what I see that the bot needs to do (in this order). POST request to http://panel.myownfreehost.net/index.php. uname should be the admin email, passwd should be the admin password and role should be administrator. GET request to http://panel.myownfreehost.net/panel
  9. I can't suspend an account in PHP without an eight-character identifier that I don't even have. Without this identifier, it's impossible to do it with PHP. I'm considering using Python and ChromeDriver, however it would take some time to implement. Basically a request is made to the Python server and Python controls my either my computer or a server to login to panel.myownfreehost.net for me and suspend an account. I'm not that good with Python, but if there is a way to login to panel.myownfreehost.net with PHP that would be amazing.
  10. That's a great way of explaining! The problem is that I can't suspend an account without the 8 character UI (unique identifier), which needs the API. I have another idea, but it would involve a Python server (which might take awhile for me to afford). There's a thing called ChromeDriver where basically Python can control a Chromium-based browser (such as Chrome or Brave). I can potentially make a code where when a request is made to the server it will login to panel.myownfreehost.net, find the account and suspend it. This might take a LOT of time to do, and it might not even work (I'm no
  11. That's the thing, I don't have this eight-digit identifier required to suspend the account via the API. I tried the API prior to trying an FTP upload, however it returned blank (not even an error message). Here's the code I used... <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="https://smallhost.us.to/theme.css" /> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"> <center> <h1>Account Deactivation</h1> <p>Your SmallHost account has been sent for deactivation. The return log is listed below, for your convienience. If there's an error in
  12. Users create their account with the form at https://smallhost.us.to/register.php, not the API. Is there any other way to find this identifier, or do I have to manually deactivate a user's account?
  13. The account just got reactivated and SmallHost is back up, thanks iFastNet! I'm looking into using the API to add this feature, however my code isn't working. I don't know if it's a PHP issue or I can't use cURL.
  14. That's what I'm saying, my account is suspended and I can't unsuspend it on the MOFH panel. Since the API wasn't working (the code I used is above), I resorted to uploading a HTML file to the user's website via FTP. The file would contain a META redirect (which suspends the users account) and the user would go to that page to deactivate their account. Apparently, using file_put_contents with the FTP tag is not okay. I sent a ticket to iFastNet last night and all I received was a canned response saying that the file "wasn't allowed on free hosting". I kindly responded asking to be tra
  15. My reseller account got flagged...again. PSA: DO NOT UPLOAD ANY FILES WITH FILE_PUT_CONTENTS FOR NOW, JUST TO STAY SAFE! UPDATE: MY ACCOUNT IS UNSUSPENDED NOW. YES, UPLOADING VIA FTP WITH FILE_PUT_CONTENTS IS NOT ALLOWED (AT LEAST ON RESELLER HOSTING, THAT I'M AWARE OF). Since that didn't work, I opted to my other idea--uploading a file to their site with a META redirect. Since that apparently suspends accounts (it happened to me once accidentally), I thought it would be easier to do that than to deal with the API. Apparently uploading a file using file_put_contents is bannable.
  16. The API needs the port in order to work, here's the docs. I don't think that's the issue, nor do I think the code's the issue. Maybe cURL is disabled for some odd reason?
  17. Here's what I've done... <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="https://smallhost.us.to/theme.css" /> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"> <center> <h1>Account Deactivation</h1> <p>Your SmallHost account has been sent for deactivation. The return log is listed below, for your convienience. If there's an error in the log and your account has not been deactivated or the box below is blank, contact SmallHost immediately with a copy of this log.</p> <textarea rows="20" cols="75" disabled> <?php if(!isset
  18. Thanks for responding! SmallHost doesn't use WHMCS as I don't have a license for it (maybe I can find it in Softaculous, idk), however I think I can deconstruct the script and make it work. I'll test it later and see what happens. Thank you
  19. I'm trying to find out how I can integrate the API into the site. I need to find out the site's IP address, then I need to find how to integrate it (as I can't use Composer on the cPanel). I'm also looking into using the official API, however I don't know how to read XML in PHP and I still need to find the site's IP.
  20. Hello, SmallHost here! I want to add a button where a user can deactivate (suspend) their SmallHost account. Due to US data laws, I can't make deleting an account harder than creating one, so I'm thinking of adding a button on the site where a user logged into my client panel can suspend their account by clicking it and re-entering their password. There are two ways I can go about this... Use the MOFH API. This is probably the best method, however I don't know how to read XML with PHP and I need to know the site's IP address in order for this to work. Upload a page with a
  21. Instead of using JS or CSS, the HTML I sent relies on a screenshot of the buttons instead of the buttons actually being there. When the buttons (screenshot) is clicked, it'll let the user know that they're just viewing the demo and they can't click the buttons. If they don't have JS, it simply will do nothing.
  22. I came up with a solution! Using inspect element, I got the HTML GUI for the cPanel. I then tore it down to the core, removing the majority of the scripts. After running into a bug where it was stuck on Loading (probably because I removed the majority of the scripts), I did a CTRL + F search for "Loading", found where the loading text was displaying and used that area as the body. Since the buttons weren't loading either, I decided to take a screenshot and use that. I use a JavaScript alert to let the user know when they click on a button that this is just a demo. It wouldn't load at all
  23. Yes, I took InfinityFree's code that you linked and built off it to disable more features for the demo panel. I disabled the majority of the sensitive features that InfinityFree didn't disable (i.e. file manager, CNAME records). If I am to implement this into the client panel, I will provide full credits to InfinityFree for that code.
  24. So, here's my version of the code... if(void 0!==PAGE.appGroups){var itemsToRemove={preferences:[["feature","password"],["feature","setlang"],["feature","updatecontact"],["feature","user_manager"]],files:[["feature","diskusageviewer"],["feature","filemanager"],["feature","ftpaccts"]],databases:[["feature","phpmyadmin"],["feature","mysql"],["feature","postgres"]],domains:[["feature","addondomains"],["feature","subdomains"],["feature","parkeddomains"],["feature","redirects"]],email:[["feature","popaccts"],["feature","forwarders"],["feature","changemx"],["feature","zoneedit"],["feature","emai
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