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Tips about Google AdSense approval and tips about other things.

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Hello, as you may know, many people says that "You can't get adsense on your reseller site.". But hey! I've got recently it and it was very easy, but slow. So, how to likely get your site approved and other tips.

  • Get Non-Freenom domain. I know that there is not so big amount of free Non-Freenom domains but, for example you can use (Not an advert) pp.ua or other domain zones like that.
  • Get patience. It may be slow or fast, I can't say when your site will be approved. Bro Tip: Upgrade your website while it's on approval or get it to the google, yandex search engine, setup analytics and after you're got
  • Say about yourself in this forum! Open a topic in MyOwnFreeHost Resellers Reviews and help others with what you know.

And that's all that I could give you. Feel free to comment and add something.


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4 minutes ago, BastelPichi2 said:

.pp.ua domains can be registered on https://nic.ua, but you need a credit card. I would reccomend using eu.org for free domains, they dont require any phone or credit card, but they take about 6-7 days til the domains get approved.

For Ukrainians there is needed credit card and phone number just to approve that you are not robot. Also domains are activated by the code.

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