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Domain doesn’t transfer to ns1-5.byet.org name servers

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Hi, it’s been three days since I updated my drivehub.cf domain to point to ns1-5.byet.org, but it still tells me that the domain isn’t pointed. I checked and re-checked the spelling of the name servers multiple times, but it doesn’t work. I was told that .tk domains weren’t allowed so I changed my domain to .cf, but why the two domains I used (that were .tk) were added, but my .cf doesn’t get added?


CEO and Administrator of CubeCloud (Work In Progress)

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On 30/10/2019 at 6:15, TheLifeGamingYT said:

Hola, han pasado tres días desde que actualicé mi dominio drivehub.cf para apuntar a ns1-5.byet.org, pero aún así me dice que el dominio no está apuntando. Revisé y volví a verificar la ortografía de los servidores de nombres varias veces, pero no funciona. Me dijeron que los dominios .tk no estaban permitidos, así que cambié mi dominio a .cf, pero ¿por qué se agregaron los dos dominios que usé (que eran .tk), pero mi .cf no se agregó?


CEO y Administrador de CubeCloud (Work In Progress)



byethost dns are:






try 2 of the 4 or 4 at a time if your hosting is from here it should work without problems.

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