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Account Created! - Thank-you, but...

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After four signup requests and some backwards and forwards conversations on a support ticket, I'm delighted to say that I've got MOFH account! Thank-you to the support staff!

My apologies if this question has been answered else where? I've done a bit of digging myself in an attempt to find the answer, but so far I've had no luck.

What I am hoping to do, I'll attempt to explain.. I've got a number of different website clients (UK and Ireland) all hosted in the same place. If I need to make any amendments I can login to my current webhost, and then I can access each of my clients CPanels. Everything is in one place, however they don't offer certain features, so I've been looking around for alternatives. That's when I can across Free Hosting / MOFH.

I wanted to test with one of my clients who only currently has a holding page online. I created a free hosting account and was delighted to see I could install my own SSL.  Test completed. Happy with the results, I applied for MOFH thinking I could do similar here (all accounts accessible from my MOFH account).

So, to recap I've a free hosting account https://UnsureIfI'mAllowedToMentionIt'sDomainName.CO.UK and I've just created a test account in my MOFH, the domain name for that is https://UnsureIfI'mAllowedToMentionIt'sDomainName.MYOWNDOMAIN.IE - And there is the problem, I didn't realise that MOFH accounts would be running using my own domain name. You can see how that is going to get confusing for a UK companies website to end with dot IE!

I am looking for work arounds please? I need to be able to point their existing domain name(s) to my MOHF accounts, yes I could just change the nameservers but I don't think that's going to achieve exactly what I'm looking for? I could probably get a redirect working but I'm reluctant to go down that route in case it effects my clients search rankings?

Suggestions please! Thanks in advance.



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