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  1. Note that this API client is supposed to be used in custom applications, not in WHMCS. You might be able to integrate this client in WHMCS, but I think you'd be the first to do so. In other words, there isn't anyone who can spoon-feed you the solution.
  2. The script should be installed with Composer. Downloading the script as a ZIP file and trying to integrate the files directly in your app is hard, if not impossible. If you don't know about Composer, I highly recommend to learn it.
  3. Only valid web browsers (which support Javascript and cookies) can access files on your account. Your issue is not an SSL installation issue, it's an issue that Let's Encrypt does not use valid web browsers to verify domains. So you cannot use Let's Encrypt here.
  4. You can sell hosting on your website, but you can't use MyOwnFreeHost for that. You could get an additional WHM reseller account to sell upgrades though.
  5. And who's going to pay for the additional server power required to support the extra hits?
  6. Anyways, the point I was trying to make is that a free service generally is not free. Free hosting is not free, there are real servers with real software maintained by real people, all of which cost money. With free hosting, it's paid for by paying customers (who choose to upgrade, just like the Let's Encrypt sponsors choose to donate) and advertisers. If there are no advertisers and no-one upgrades, the free hosting cannot exist. So to the point of "why put a price tag on something that's free", it's because free hosting and free SSL certificates are not free, it's paid for by the people
  7. People pay for Let's Encrypt. Whether you as an individual choose to pay does not affect your ability to use the service (which makes it different from the pen example), but Let's Encrypt is paid for nonetheless. If none of the sponsors would pay for Let's Encrypt, it could not exist. Ergo, it's not free.
  8. If your friend buys a pen and gives it to you, it's not a free pen. Your friend paid for it, so the pen is definitely not free. You got the pen for free, but the pen itself is not free. Let's Encrypt is not free. Sponsors paid for it so you don't have to. You get the certificates for free, but the certificates themselves are not free.
  9. Where do you see a price being put on Let's Encrypt. You get a service completely for free with some restrictions, but complain when the restrictions restrict something you wouldn't have to pay for separately otherwise. You don't upgrade just to get Let's Encrypt, you upgrade to get many benefits. Hosting is not free, even though you get it for free. Even Let's Encrypt is not completely free, it's funded by sponsors so you can get the certificates without payment.
  10. On InfinityFree.net, I store the full comment when it arrives and I extract data from it to determine what kind of suspension it is at runtime. That logic is probably one of the most changed things in my system, so keeping the raw data is highly recommended.
  11. It's currently possible to set CNAME and MX records for domain names on free hosting. For a basic website, these settings are enough. However, many external services expect you to configure TXT records as well. Email service providers demand you configure SPF and DKIM (which are TXT records) and certain domain validations (like Google Webmasters) prefer TXT records as well. I think TXT records would be a very useful addition to free hosting accounts.
  12. You can select PHP 7.0 from the Select PHP Versions menu in your control panel. PHP 7.1 is not available yet.
  13. First of all, I don't answer PMs like that. I'm happy to engage in public discussion, but I don't give personal support in coding. Whenever an account status changes, that URL is called with three post variables: 'username', 'status' and 'comments'. The username is the FTP username (like host_123456789), the status can be ACTIVATE, DELETE, SUSPENDED or REACTIVATE and the comments contain additional information. You can use that information to keep the known account status updated.
  14. Note that deleting files does not immediately update the inode counter. If you already deleted a lot of stuff, wait for a day for the counter to update.
  15. Please don't. No amount of begging is going to convince us to publish our competitive edge for free. We spent a lot of time and effort into building our system and we have no incentive to give it away for free (at least for now). If you want to make a meaningful offer (i.e. not something ridiculous like $5), feel free to drop an email at support [at] xvhost [dot] com. The API client is a useful tool to help you build your own client area, but it's not yet a client area. If you're a PHP programmer, it can be useful. If not, it's useless.
  16. Can you find the file in the file manager?
  17. You're referring to the API. This is an API CLIENT. This is software to use the API, not the API itself. Your question has absolutely nothing to do with this topic.
  18. Are you using this API client in WHMCS?
  19. There are a lot of different classes which need to be included, which is why you should definitely use Composer (it handles the class loading for you). Composer has decent docs available on how to use it.
  20. Composer is just a PHP script used to download other PHP scripts. As long as you can execute PHP commands, you can use Composer. And if the server doesn't support that, you can just upload the downloaded dependencies. As for how to turn it into a client area... well... just start learning programming first.
  21. One of my users moved from free hosting to another server and the website broke immediately. The reason for this was that the script was built on the outdated ext/mysql library for PHP, rather than the superior mysqli or PDO libraries. The new server ran PHP 7.0, for which the mysql_* functions have been removed. However, when I checked, the free account was using PHP 7.0 too. How is that possible? mysql_* is not supposed to work on PHP 7.0! So why do they?
  22. I released the code used to interface with the WHM API of MyOwnFreeHost on InfinityFree. You can now download, install and use it in your own projects. You can view and download the code here: https://github.com/HansAdema/mofh-client
  23. When did it break? It takes a while to update, but last time I checked it wasn't broken.
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