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  1. On 3/18/2020 at 9:13 AM, Enoque said:

    Why do they put reseller hosting for free if I can't upload files with 68mb which is whmcs the default to configure? does not make sense.

    for free accounts it is limited to 10mb per package. zip should upload your website in parts until it manages to upload the entire website so it works, here because many people previously used the hosting space to save malicious files and material that violates copyright such as mp3 or videos. play improvise and upload the web by parts

  2. On 2/20/2020 at 11:30 PM, Wraven said:


    I wanted to ask what is UP with your free service. i signed up in the middle of January. I created a WordPress blog. I kept getting hosting warnings every day after I posted 1 or 2 Posts on It. I optimized the site and  still got Hosting warnings every day .  Saying That I Was Using Up More Then 50% of the CPU. . Then I Had My Account Suspended for 24 Hours. After I Was Reactivated I Still Get The Same Daily Notifications That I Am Using Over 50% Of The CPU. Even Though I Have Not Returned To Work On the Site In Over 2 Weeks. But I Am Still Getting The Hosting Warnings. And to make matters worse for the last 4 days or so my site has been inaccessible. And all 4 days I still got Hosting warnings. I had it linked to my Facebook profile on the Facebook page that it is associated with and now because it is unacceptable Facebook has now blocked the URL. I Have NEVER Had this much trouble with a free account in ALL The Time I have built websites. I've been building websites for the past 20 years... YOU GUYS ARE A SCAM!!!


  3. 20 hours ago, 芝麻者 said:

    Hello, dear administrator, I would like to ask, my host has been suspended, is there any way to keep it running? If you can manage it directly, can you help me keep it running?

    Hey buddy if your account's been suspended head to support.ifastnet.com to meet your request and reactivation of your account enter and explain your case they will tell you what happens and if they can restore your account

  4. On 8/2/2020 at 15:10, 989@livemail.tw said:

    Lo siguiente aparece en el panel de control de mi concesionario después de iniciar sesión:
    ERROR # 439529384, informe al soporte. Indíqueme
    la forma de corregir el error e inicie sesión en el
    panel de control normalmente.

    write an support support.ifastnet.com 

  5. 9 hours ago, fabri said:

    "Account Suspended Your account is suspended this could be due to reaching limits of your hosting plan or for abuse"

    And now.....which is the problem for the suspended account ??? Does someone help me ?

    write a to support.ifastnet.com give more details about the suspension and if they can talk to you

  6. 26 minutes ago, 360 said:

    Oh, I've noticed that. You still won't be able to get a working SSL on a sub-domain. Even tho you may get past all the checks needed.

    It will always give an error while the ?i=1 antibot protection because it will launch an error when it is checked if the cname is added or verify the domain / subdomain by any of the methods to obtain ssl.

  7. 15 hours ago, 1peter1 said:

    It says on the SSL page: "By default we activate a self signed certificate for all domains."

    However, if I try to get to my site using: https://mysite.byethost17.com, I get an error: "This site can’t provide a secure connection" 

    How do I get this working?



    remember to wait a couple of hours for the system to recognize the certificate, also clean the history of your browser and reload the page if in a few hours you can not access via https try to upload the ssl certificate sometimes it does not load well you must to become

  8. 3 hours ago, AJHaliliPH2006 said:

    As of 6:44 PM in Philippine Standard Time from isitup.org, wikihosting.gq seems to be down. I want to remove it from my reseller domains and add it again to make sure everything is up. Any help?

    Your domain seems to be pointing to the byethost servers the dns are fine but your web does not load create a ticket in the ifastnet support area to indicate what the problem is. https://support.ifastnet.com

  9. On 30/10/2019 at 6:15, TheLifeGamingYT said:

    Hola, han pasado tres días desde que actualicé mi dominio drivehub.cf para apuntar a ns1-5.byet.org, pero aún así me dice que el dominio no está apuntando. Revisé y volví a verificar la ortografía de los servidores de nombres varias veces, pero no funciona. Me dijeron que los dominios .tk no estaban permitidos, así que cambié mi dominio a .cf, pero ¿por qué se agregaron los dos dominios que usé (que eran .tk), pero mi .cf no se agregó?


    CEO y Administrador de CubeCloud (Work In Progress)



    byethost dns are:






    try 2 of the 4 or 4 at a time if your hosting is from here it should work without problems.

  10. On 10/30/2019 at 2:30 PM, SkP said:

    Hi, there!

    I have a issue that was not happening till' today, it seems that the PHP is not working with mysql-mysqli sessions ($_SESSION['example']), i don't know if there is something new that i have to do to make the sessions working again...(the php to update or insert new data to the database is working)

    btw, i've working with the system without problems for MONTHS, i did not change something on my codes (cuz i have 2 different logins for 2 different websites and in the 2 is happening the same thing...)

    Is there a new PHP update that make this issue? A maintenance? Or what's going on?!?

    Try changing the php settings from your account panel and select one of the available php versions. it may be that the php version is not compatible with that of your script in php select any of 5.4+ since the one that comes by default is 7.0+. have if the problem you present is solved


  11. 9 hours ago, 360 said:

    @einet he says thanks and that if you need help, he's at your disposal.

    @Aloja2Asegúrese de no presionar "Report post" la próxima vez. En lugar de publicar una respuesta, estás informando la publicación.

    @360 I am sorry I did not know that I had reported to post as the design of the forum is not equal to the previous one, it is difficult for me to understand well.

    And I could solve the problem for those who have this problem. I solved it by creating a free ssl certificate in one of the different pages to create them for free, and uploaded it to the domain cpanel with the problem. load the certificate and leave the cloudflare as it was and error 525 disappeared

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