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  1. 15 hours ago, mike said:

    I believe documentation already exist for what einet sent you.

    @mike is right there is already a project created in GitHub only that the one that exists there does not include the complete script (composer) and its libraries and I would like to participate in such a project but I do not have free time

  2. On 23/9/2017 at 5:41 AM, mike said:

    If you have created a sub-domain, and you want to access the ftp of that subdomain, you just have to access the ftp of your main site, and there you will find a folder with the name of the subdomain. Click on it, and you just need to upload files there.

    If you are just trying to access the site, put the URL of the subdomain on your browser bar, and you are set.

    you can enter your website via FTP from ftp.byethost.com with your username and password that is assigned to you in the cpanel

  3. On 10/8/2017 at 10:53 AM, Ulti said:

    Vaya a MYURL / wordpress en su lugar, el htdocs es una carpeta del sistema que no puede buscar con un navegador web.

    is MYURL/htdocs/wp/wp-admin 

    You can do the installation again to leave it in the main directory only change in the directory when you do the installation instead of wp / leave it blank or remove it so it will be installed in the main directory

  4. 2 hours ago, DeluxeHost said:

    @ Mike que hago. Esa es en parte la razón por la que estoy aquí ahora. Me amenazaron con que si sigo abriendo los boletos terminarán mi cuenta. 


    @Admin ¿ Por qué es esto por favor explique más. Yo sé que su medio de apoyo tiene acceso a estos subdominios así que me gustaría, a. Esto realmente debería ser posible para todos los revendedores para que podamos modificar subtemas subes tesis y hacerlos mejores. (Sin ofensa intencionada) 

    Hello, you can not really do anything to modify delete or something with those subdomains since these are pre-configured by the server for all the accounts reseller the cpanel and the one of making orders is something that can not be modified since the system is thus I do not know if you wanted to edit these two pages. You can add any sub domain except those that are already selected by the system by default if you want to build or create some cpanel or registry system you can use other subdomain greetings name.

  5. 2 hours ago, Starseed said:

    Hello there, I just got premium recently, Website: Starseed.online

    I have been a Byet supporter off and on over the years.

    Tried to email no reply back. Support ticket system is broken gives a 403 error page when clicking submit!

    But decided to Try Ifast and see how it is. Pretty decent speeds so far.

    Can you guys do me a huge favor update the servers so I can run Drupal 8?

    I get this error when Trying to install

    ApacheDue to the settings for ServerTokens in httpd.conf, it is impossible to accurately determine the version of Apache running on this server. The reported value is Apache, to run Drupal without mod_rewrite, a minimum version of 2.2.16 is needed

    Invoice # if needed.


    Website Starseed.online 

    I know this is not a support website But I did not know what else to do!

    select continuar de todos modos. and continue And continue with the installation  is only an alert message

  6. On 24/7/2017 at 2:29 AM, androidsuit said:

    When I am parking my own domain in my vista cpanel account, it's saying the domain has already assigned to another account.

    Pls Help me.

    Domain tried to park -androidsuit.com

    The dns of your domain are pointing to 888webhost you must update the dns for those of your account in byethost and then if you proceed to add your domain or park it so that it does not produce errors

  7. 50 minutes ago, supersonicstep said:

    So today i wanted to work on my website and it is saying  "Site cannot be reached" For my mainsite and my test site, i have been logging in almost daily and it seems to be going on for everybody, i want to know if it is really down?

    My sites and others are working normally what is the name of your site?

  8. On 3/4/2017 at 10:14 AM, mike said:

    If your account has been suspended there has to be a reason for it. Putting that apart, please try looking on your spam.

    Another option, could be to create a new support account. And last if all this fails, post again here and tag by putting "@admin"




    If you cannot create ticket from your https://support.ifastnet.com cpanel please proceed to register an account and create a ticket with the data associated with your account hosting to one of the administrators check the problem.

  9. 12 hours ago, BSthuliwal said:

    Hi guys I have sucessfully decoded whmcs cPanel Module so that I can modify it to properly integrate with mofh api but I am facing a problem regarding api links for account creation, suspension etc. Can anyone help me regarding this.

    The account creation works fine but account suspension is not working properly. Please can anyone help I will upload my code to github. If anyone want to help you are most welcome.

    For the suspension of an account you will need to add the name of the user who has added when you created the account and a message to the suspension

    As for example $client->suspend('User8characters', 'The user closed your account'); 

    The user name is not the one that generates you once your account is created as for example [xdomain_12345678] this is not the user is the name that you asignaste when you 'created the account' insurance why an error occurs

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