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  1. But i had already decoded the ioncube encryption and made some changes but what i was demanding was not happening because i was not able to change to get what main thing i want.
  2. means i have to get help with the api module to get desired output.
  3. i think it is possible to change the output with js.
  4. I am working with the default whmcs cpanel api module.
  5. i want whmcs to get username output as prefix_1236 not as username, tvdgzvdb etc from mofh.
  6. Can anyone help me getting username output like prefix_12131 with javascript.
  7. you're right but if someone want help with a small piece of code then can you help.
  8. I know but the main reason for them not helping is that they do not want to increase competition.
  9. If you are thinking that people in this forum will help you with whmcs or custom scripts then you are wrong. I was also same as you searching for help but no one helped me. If you want to do anything then just dig website and see how they work and learn how to code if you want custom script or hire a developer for what you want.
  10. rest is upto you how you want to customize to suit your needs.
  11. first you had to delete index2.html file then it will work. but for dislaying pages you need to create a index page to provide links to other pages otherwise your site will be displayed as folders and files in browser.
  12. Wait Wait Your domain looks to already have working website.
  13. please wait for few ours as the domain propagation takes some time time.
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