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  1. Claude flare is a different company. All cloud flare plans free or otherwise help protect against DOS attacks. But getting a higher plans gives you more features. For more details about cloudflare DDOS protection check out: https://www.cloudflare.com/ddos/ For cloudflare plans and details go to: https://www.cloudflare.com/plans/
  2. I was told it was a emergency maintenance because of a DDOS attacker. And yes it's been fixed!
  3. I am both using the free service and a reseller and I and notice and been told that file manager is not working. It was been hours now and no fix. I already contacted support over 7 hours ago and all I got and that they were on it. What caused this error and when will it be fixed?
  4. Which makes no sense. Let's Encrypt provides free SSL certs to web hosts (not taking to account that you can donate money to them) So this really puzzles me to be honest. Why put a price on something that is free?
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