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  1. I've been using an Ifastnet premium hosting for a year , and then I was curious about this forum and I signed up. This is my first post! I noticed many forums for different hosting services, and seems that it is like a rule to have a forum. Is it a rule for every hosting service to have a forum? If so, then I don't know why it took me a lot to realize it and finding the ifastnet forum D: By the way, I tried to open the chatbox but is not working for me D: Do you have an idea why?
  2. hi!! Is it right if I ask you what the Message Board Link is?, i'm just curious and also i'm new in the forum :3
  3. I see, what you mean that is a limitation on the free hosting e,
  4. of course ifastnet has the option for creating custom TXT entries , just you need to use a tool for editing the DNS in the Cpanel
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