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  1. yourdomain.com cpanel.yourdomain.com other subdomains list can be checked from vPanel -> Subdomain.
  2. WybeNetwork's Docs for VistaPanel Themes and Customizations are now available at: https://docs.wybenetwork.com/ If you found any mistake in the documentation then you can make a pull request for that.
  3. WybeNetwork's Docs for VistaPanel Themes and Customizations are now available at: https://docs.wybenetwork.com/ If you found any mistake in the documentation then you can make a pull request for that.
  4. https://vptofficial.me/ site is down and doesn't exist anymore. We now have a new domain name https://wybenetwork.com/ We had setup CDN for the VistaPanel themes, can be located at: https://vpt.cdn.wybenetwork.com/ (Accessing Files directly from master branch of github repo).
  5. We now have CDN servers for VistaPanel Customizations. https://vpc.cdn.wybenetwork.com/<customizationName>/<file>.js Replace <customizationName> in the url with the script name and <file>.js with the file name included in the folder of script.
  6. The project burger was in beta mode and @ranakhas right now have no plans to continue its development.
  7. curl requests or bots are not allowed to visit a website on free hosting for security reasons, so there is no way to do that. You have to use FileZilla or direct link to download those files.
  8. Then most probably you haven't setup .htaccess correctly. Use the .htaccess provided with project-logged, remove old .htaccess file.
  9. I checked and it do work, your .htaccess file is not correctly setup. Also upon visiting signup.php you will be redirected to /auth/signup not to /sys-auth/signup
  10. Yes, activating cloudflare from cpanel will work, but it won't install SSL on subdomains. It will only install the SSL Certificate on the connected main domain. Also, you have to change form action url protocol to https from http in signup.php file. But as far as I am aware that cloudflare integration do have some other problems due to which it wasn't preffered.
  11. Goto your MOFH admin panel -> Domains -> Add a new reseller domain Scroll down and see if that domain is already added if not then most probably someone else before you might have registered that domain name and then cancelled it or haven't renewed it due to which it became available for registration to you. That doesn't mean it wasn't registered before. There is always a possibility that the domain you are registering might have been used before.
  12. It is easy to setup. You might not be configuring it correctly or visiting the correct url. https://yoursite.tld/auth/signup this is the url you have to visit and make sure .htaccess that comes with project logged is placed.
  13. Check the documentation for project logged at Setup Instruction (1.8) ยท PlanetTheCloud/project-logged Wiki (github.com) You can use WHMCS for that but it's not free.
  14. It's currently under development. There are many other templates for hosting companies but you have to modify them according to mofh. You can use project logged by @PlanetCloud [UPDATED 29/1/21] Project LOGGED v1.8.1 Released - Free Authentication Template for MOFH! - MyOwnFreeHost General - Byet / IfastNet Forums with any template to achieve what you want.
  15. Won't prefer doing that on reseller domain as it will damage your site functionality.
  16. Don't think that it's possible. Try opening ticket at https://support.ifastnet.com/ and ask them to send credentials for account under your email again to your email.
  17. Those domain names are working which means you might have added those domain names as reseller domains in your MOFH account.
  18. Goto https://support.ifastnet.com/ Show them the proof that you own those two domain names, they might ask you to perform some steps to prove those are your domain names after that, they will remove those domain names from other accounts and you will be able to register with those domain names again. That doesn't mean it wasn't registered before. There might be a possibility that those domain names were registered by someone else before you and he/she might have cancelled them or not renew them and the same thing @Pro Hostinga was trying to say.
  19. Open ticket at https://support.ifastnet.com/ regarding this issue. For me the captcha image is not getting loaded on your website signup form. That theme is still under development.
  20. You can use https://ifastnet.com/register.php or https://ifastnet.com/register2.php as action URL for your signup form instead of using default order url for secured connection.
  21. This topic is in the wrong category ๐Ÿ™‚ You can get many free html templates for hosting services by searching on internet. You can go for them. You will just have to modify demo contents with your contents and that's it.
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