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  1. Don't use cloudflare button from vPanel, manually point your domain to cloudflare then you will be able to access your DNS records but this setup is not recommended for domains attached with MOFH.
  2. On vPanel SSL is automatically installed by iFastNet. Open a support ticket with them and tell them that your ssl on vpanel is not working.
  3. You get this error because it is already in use by another account. Do you have any free hosting account on other services? If yes, then possibly that site is the reseller of byet.host services. If no, then open support ticket at https://support.ifastnet.com/ and prove domain ownership to them then they will remove that domain from other account and you will be able to add it to your account.
  4. Use filezilla and connect to your FTP account and then upload plugin manually to htdocs/wp-content/plugins folder
  5. Use FTP to install plugins on your WordPress website.
  6. Use cloud storage services. Free hosting can not be used for storing files. Another thing is that you can only link to those files which you own or of which you have rights to redistribute else your account will be suspended. I'll recommend you to go through terms of ifastnet hosting services can be founded at TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE Byet Internet
  7. You have to upload your files through ftp in htdocs folder on server first.
  8. Design your own website template and use mofh api to handle requests through php (custom CMS). InfinityFreeHosting/mofh-client: A WHM API client for MyOwnFreeHost in PHP (github.com) You can use above framework.
  9. change your site ns back to byet host and then check ip and restore your ns to cloudflare.
  10. Had you made account for the plan in which you set it up to 250000 MB?
  11. That wasn't allowed before but I am not able to find such term at TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE Byet Internet so I believe you may can create link shorteners website on free hosting. Not sure, but you can check the terms yourself here TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE Byet Internet
  12. Check Recent Replies New domain is https://www.wybenetwork.com
  13. I am getting SSL protocol error when visiting over https However, your domain name is not resolving to any nameservers.
  14. Most probably you website might have reached daily hits + I am getting SSL error on your website so try installing SSL certificate.
  15. When you will first open your file manager from vPanel, then you will find htdocs folder. Open it and upload your index.html file there. However, if you added subdomain or custom domain as an addon domain later, then you will find folder like domain.tld open it and in it you will find htdocs folder where you have to upload your index.html file. Also, kindly share your domain name with us if problem persists.
  16. Maybe your browser extension causing that glitch. Try using other browser.
  17. Administrators rarely check this forum. So it will be best to make a ticket on support.ifastnet.com regarding this.
  18. The video tutorials exist just to guide for proper installation and nothing else.
  19. If you do have the latest version of einet anake then it will have installation wizard which will handle everything if I am not mistaken.
  20. Afaik, only you will get premium hosting if you upgrade via vPanel. However, you can purchase premium reseller hosting and ask iFastNet to migrate your clients to premium hosting. That is the only way I know. Premium Reseller Hosting Plans of iFastNet can be founded here: Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Dedicated Server, VPS Server (ifastnet.com)
  21. The version that you installed is an old fork of original repo of @einet which means it have issues.
  22. There is always a reason behind suspension. If it is suspending for reaching daily limited then it will be re-activated within few minutes. Regarding backup, you can take backup until it is re-activated or simply goto https://support.ifastnet.com/ and open a support ticket with them.
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