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  1. This topic is in the wrong category 🙂 You can get many free html templates for hosting services by searching on internet. You can go for them. You will just have to modify demo contents with your contents and that's it.
  2. I had made a video in which I used latest whmcs version at that time. Currently my site is down due to server migration but you might be able to read guide https://aavidtutorials.com/mofh/how-to-setup-whmcs-with-myownfreehost/ here because of cloudflare always online service.
  3. WHMCS do still support MOFH. Or you can make your own client area as suggested above Or you can also use Anake-WHM-API: Anake WHM API by @einet.
  4. Maybe you mean to show announcement within vPanel. You can do that by adding code in header advertising area of your site.
  5. As far as I know that security system doesn't stop google bots to check for sitemap.xml file. Still you can confirm this from support of ifastnet at https://support.ifastnet.com
  6. I believe it's currently not possible to remove ifastnet captcha and add recaptcha at its place.
  7. You can't use cloudflare on reseller domain because if you do so then ifastnet won't be able to make your clients account under your domain name as they won't have access to it. would prefer using two domains one for reseller and one for getting register to reseller domain.
  8. I am fixing the site issues. It will be back up soon.
  9. You can customize it if you have html/css knowledge i think.
  10. The best way to getting starting with static template is to use frameworks. I would recommend https://materializecss.com/ https://getbootstrap.com/
  11. Ok, then he might have to purchase Dedicated server and then make his own control panel for that
  12. Project Logged Include documentation which can help you Also, if you want to install template on your site and you don't have html/css knowledge then in that case you can find many html templates for hosting sites on google.
  13. It's already encrypted. Isn't It? https://cpanel.domain.tld/panel/indexpl.php?id=<randomchar>
  14. As said by dimitris it is only possible through API. So, to make it work using API you can use WHMCS or make your own client area for that just like infinityfree's one.
  15. I did that but it was also causing that array error sometimes so i used this method and it doesn't cause any array error.
  16. WHMCS is compatible and in the video i showed how to set it up properly to avoid array error and it's working. You can check the provided site using mofh which is working. Also, if you have WHMCS legit license then we can help you else we can't.
  17. Would Prefer HTML site for main homepage and for signup page use project logged or make custom. Or use whmcs client area or make your own client area.
  18. https://aavidtutorials.com/mofh/how-to-setup-whmcs-with-myownfreehost/ This might help! Also, if you have legit license then we can help you personally if that video doesn't helped you.
  19. There TOS might have changed many times from that timeframe. Also, I think now they don't support business sites and reseller hosting site is considered as business site. (Don't know whether it's true or not but reading there tos might help). Adsense sometime refuses without reasons as I have blog (with .com) domain waiting for adsense approval got refused. Nothing against their policies.
  20. I got approved for adsense for .tk domain in 2018 i think. Can't remember. So, that's not the reason.
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