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  1. Soon, but not as Project Burger rather a Nodejs Based Client area with mofh api.
  2. I can blame Thanos for that. He is bringing endgame to MOFH too. For the legal reasons that's a joke.
  3. @Hostingaj @PlanetCloud @PCTipsGR I just fixed the demo of Burger https://burger.zyke.us.to
  4. Session_start() but I think I use php first than HTML. Anyway I'll make Burger's demo working today.
  5. I'm working on it. I'll make a simple and short documentation to install Burger on your site. It is ready to manage accounts, register new users, verify via email, and account suspension. But, not ready to work with MOFH or WHM. Currently a simple Client Area with Sign in/up feature, Profile Management Page, Forgot Password, Remember Me, & protection from XSS injection. In short it is ready for you to work on it.
  6. Both sites are working for me. And have same content init.
  7. Update According to some news resources a new resource is added to VistaPanel Customization. People are saying that it will be useless anyway one developer still want to share and that is Yeah you read that right. Boring Theme Switcher is now on VistaPanel now people like Me waste time to change Themes and make fun of VistaPanel. But good news is that Earth is full of stupids so they can switch between themes to see if there upgrade automatically but nah. They still need to pay iFastNet for upgrade. And if anyone feel boring he can make it awesome by change theme. I wish this is p
  8. Keywords no longer important. Further divide meta tags into categories. One for web browser, one for search engines, and one for social media.
  9. Maybe working too much causes problem, set back and take rest for few seconds.
  10. Search Engine & Social Media both have there own importance in marketing. First you need to do Market Segmentation, and divide your customers in categories. have look at some statistical results. People found that SE are best for both B2B & B2C business while Social Media is better for B2C business. Major sites in this universe are Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, so mostly are social media but it's not easy to get popular on Social Media as easy to optimize site for SE. so, I'll give vote to Serch Engine for newbies while recommend for every business to have social
  11. Please refer to your welcome E-Mail to establish what your nameservers are. also have a look @ https://goo.gl/6jGbDS
  12. centrar tech, or techup maybe even tech4all
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