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  1. It's because I need it fast for my clients. log in
  2. It's because I need it fast for my clients.
  3. It's because I need the face for my clients. poxa
  4. you would charge how much and if it was not too expensive for you to make that hook
  5. But you could not do just that. Just to break the link will it take too long ??
  6. the worse that I do not understand any of these things
  7. This is for me to copy and paste or just to have a base
  8. I'm very lost with it, no idea how to start
  9. That's where he's talking about whmcs or his issues ??
  10. but I do not know which one it tightens
  11. but the one that I do not understand about modules helps me there please
  12. is there any Module already made for this?
  13. problem. 1. not what it is 2. I can not understand anything. This site you said
  14. I just want to modify the link. of redirecting to my cpanel just that.
  15. It's because it's easier to answer there.
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