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  1. Hm. Okay. I'm fairly skeptical about putting my address on there, given if they send a letter to your home, because ugh. also can you monetise multiple domains and not have to confirm each time?
  2. I'm 17. I can't use AdSense without a legal guardian/parent or whatever, and I don't think it's going to fool Google if I change my age on my Google Account... ... so, is there any similar services that will allow a 17 year old to sign up? Thanks for any response
  3. For professionality use a email forwarder for webmaster@*domain* or something? Otherwise it seems okay. Some quick tutorials like how to use file manager and such and recommended clients, etc. would be helpful.
  4. PCTGR, are you on W7 or before, I guess that is why they don't show up I might use this as a reference because I want to change it to a blog category
  5. I don't know where that'd go on here but I'd like to see a offtopic forum on here for talking about everyday things. It's always nice to have a bit of community outside the usual hosting talk. ^^
  6. And that is why I dislike WYSIWYG editors, they don't strip colour formatting when you copy/paste for some reason...
  7. Not sure what I was doing wrong but signups broke and started to say "no referrer" when I enabled CF, that's why I disabled it.
  8. I'd also recommend if you take your reseller seriously that you get yourself a domain name That said, I wasn't even aware that the vPanel was HTTPS-enabled. Also, speaking of SSL, which is a different topic, it's impossible for COMODO SSL to work with a paid domain with WHOIS Guard - since I couldn't get the CNAME record to work (gave an error 'Invalid destination 6' or something, what exactly does the 6 mean? I did circumvent this by setting up CloudFlare - which I must say is really well handled on these services
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