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  1. You could always purchase a WHMCS license if you want a full client area. @PCTipsGR and I have been working on some login/signup templates for MOFH as well, which you may find useful; https://github.com/NeotiDev/mofh-bootstrap-login
  2. I host a social network on MOFH, but, it is a custom script. What script, specifically, are you trying to run? Dolphin? GNUSocial?
  3. Go to https://cpanel.ifastnet.com and click "Lost Password". Type in your username and email there, and click "fetch". It should send an email containing a new password. Use your username and this new password to login to https://cpanel.ifastnet.com, and use cPanel to change the new password to the one which you desire.
  4. Considering the fact that you can connect to the client's cPanel I don't see how this is useful.
  5. Use the following nameservers only; ns1.byet.org ns2.byet.org ns3.byet.org ns4.byet.org ns5.byet.org Then try parking it again.
  6. Python is a programming language. I don't believe you can run python-based web applications on free hosting, but, it may be possible on VPS.
  7. You can't type "NameServer" before the nameserver address. Just use ns1.name.whatever without anything in front of it.
  8. When I get some extra time I'll send him an email
  9. It's HTML email. There are a variety of different software products available which use HTML for sending out emails.
  10. Ha! PFH is how I first discovered iFastNet lol. You should add me as a mod
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