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  1. Its PHP. You don’t need to clear your cache since everything is done server side.
  2. I love the homepage! I think that you could customize MOFHY a little bit to fit your brand though.
  3. In the future, please ask support.ifastnet.com. They have the knowledge that we do not
  4. Looks like you still got a length limit on the "Site Name" field. Other than the odd bullet points, they can be removed with... ul{ list-style: none; } or by replacing the list with <p> and using "text-align: center;", everything looks good! EDIT: Why did you put the code within a quote Invision?
  5. I cannot signup! You password field is restricting me only 8 characters, and I always get the "This domain is not available" message from iFastNet (And I cannot enter a ridiculously long one since there is a length restriction on that page too)!
  6. I would LOVE to know what that system works! I shall check out your client area now and let you know what I think!
  7. Is this what you are looking for @smallhost? $key = str_replace('\/','/', json_encode(['t'=>'ftp','c'=>['v'=>1,'p'=>$account_password,'i' => "/".$domain."/htdocs/"]])); $link = "https://filemanager.ai/new/#/c/ftpupload.net/".$account_username.'/'.base64_encode($key);
  8. While you may have built it, you defiantly did not design it. Also, make sure you are testing things before making them public, and make sure your advertising reflects on your actual services.
  9. Hey there. You frontend looks like it is violating InfinityFree's copyright, and you have features you advertise that don't even work! If your using MOFHY, the SSL generator works fine. Also, you client area always changes to dark mode on every page change, and you cannot change the dark mode settings on most pages because it interferes with the GET parameter used by MOFHY! You are also using a horrible ad-network that sends me to malware filled sites! Parts of your code are directly copied directly from InfinityFree, and you provide your customers with les
  10. You can, but then you would have to change every single SSL related file to work with your new provider. The code in the files only calls the GoGetSSL API at this time.
  11. 1. In the MOFH API dashboard 2. From your SMTP provider 3. From the GoGetSSL reseller panel
  12. Wow! This is awesome! Does the “...” mean “everything inbetween” or “skip this section”?
  13. Hello, does anyone have a full/or partially complete list of the following? SQL servers (sql_xxx.domain.com) Server IPs ( Thanks!
  14. That error sounds like your MOFH API keys are setup correctly.
  15. @Gautam, try refreshing that file by copying its contents from GitHub.
  16. That's a MOFHY error. Try reinstalling MOFHY. To test SMTP, use your GMail username and app password (You can create this on account.google.com under the security tab). As for the plan, it must match whatever you have set in the MOFH panel at panel.myownfreehost.net
  17. Try testing it using just GMAIL SMTP (Use an app password, not your real one), it it works, the problem lies with Sendean.
  18. @Shen Wei, how do I get the API keys for GoGetSSL Figured it out. Will this be helpful in implementing GitHub login? https://www.codexworld.com/login-with-github-oauth-api-using-php/
  19. Are the API keys setup correctly? Try copying them and re-entering them again. Make sure there are no extra spaces. If not, PM me with your MOFH password, and MOFHY password.
  20. I don't know, and I don't care. If you don't enter it, it does not work. That's all that matters. Please be patient. I will get to thing when I get to them. No, its not working (As you figured out yourself). In the MOFH reseller panel, what is the name of your hosting package?
  21. Please verify my account demo@example.com using the database. In the hosting_clients table, change the number from 0 to 1.
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