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Found 17 results

  1. When I tried to sign up for a MOFH account, in the email it just said this: Dear Reseller, Unfortuantly your applciation to become a free hosting reseller was not successfull. The domain name used for this applicaition was (domain name). Reasons for a failed application can be, but are not limited to (this is a generic list of reasons, and not specific to your application) : 1) Non qualified domain name (we do not allow free domain names to be used for reseller hosting 2) Domain name name not resolving to our name servers (a reseller domain name must resolve to ns1.byet.org - ns4.byet.org P
  2. I registered on the site byethost12.com about a month ago. Then I didn't need it, and I didn't touch it for a long time. Now I needed it and I cannot enter (writes that there is no such login). If my account has been deleted, can I access my data? Username b12_26147124. I will be very grateful if someone tells me what to do.
  3. Hello, I recently attempted to register my domain name, siloe.xyz, to MOFH. I pointed the domain to all 4 nameservers, but it rejected my registration because the domain name is considered "free". What can I exactly do about this issue?
  4. Hello friends how can i activate ssl certificate to my main site and other sites hosted on the this would allow customers to trust
  5. I can't open the mail in cpanel. The address gives error. Does anyone know how to solve this?
  6. Good morning Have you, I ask for guidance regarding that I have a personal domain www banibaz .com; It turns out and it happens that I don't know how to link my domain. com with the quality hosting service that you provide me, until I can acquire other services with you-, I thank you for your valuable help in guiding me.
  7. takipbudurfreem.phpnet.us why? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This site refused to connect to followbudurfreem.phpnet.us. Try the following: Checking your connection Checking proxy and firewall ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
  8. Hi guys, I have started my own free hosting company.... I am getting some clients so I thought of installing a support forum to help them with their issues.... But when I go to Softaculous the page doesn't works properly.....see below Plz help and also see yours too!
  9. Hello everyone, This is Raiyan Sarker. I'm new in this developing programme. I created a website for my inc. I bought it free using my own free hosting hosting plan. I've created it many times ago and I'm using a lot and also learning a lot. But few days ago while I'm trying to load my website it was loaded as normal. But if I go any internal links in take me to the 404 page. I'm seeing this about 1 weak. And also I couldn't go to wp dashboard also. So what should I do now. Please help me. There's a lot of important data in my website. Please notify me as sooner as possible. Have a n
  10. Hello, I am basically new here and don't know much, so can anyone help me by explaining what is WHMCS in simple words and why would somebody use it? Thanks in advance.
  11. I have a php cron script that uses curl to check twitch.tv to see if a users stream is live or not. everything was working fine last week , I didn't change anything in my code but now im getting : cURL Error (35): error:140770FC:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown protocol errors when the cron runs any ideas what changed or whats going on ?
  12. I do not know how to make smtp settings.Can you tell a picture?
  13. What happens when a customer forgets to renew his/her domain associated to the reseller account? Will he be able to link the domain back to it's servers once again and not lose any client data by just buying back the domain and forwarding the Nameservers to ns1.byethost.com & ns2.byethost.com Or Does he lose all the client data stored?
  14. Hello Admins, How do I restore settings of MyOwnFreeHost Panel to default. I don't know what I made but my client sites can't access their index page. I mean my reseller domain is mmitcorner.com and one of my client is htunkyaw.mmitcorner.com When I launch htunkyaw.mmitcorner.com, I can't see index page of htunkyaw.mmitcorner.com please help me Sorry for my English
  15. Hello there, I just got premium recently, Website: Starseed.online I have been a Byet supporter off and on over the years. Tried to email no reply back. Support ticket system is broken gives a 403 error page when clicking submit! But decided to Try Ifast and see how it is. Pretty decent speeds so far. Can you guys do me a huge favor update the servers so I can run Drupal 8? I get this error when Trying to install ApacheDue to the settings for ServerTokens in httpd.conf, it is impossible to accurately determine the version of Apache running on this server. The repo
  16. Here is a screenshot... I am facing problem while installing WHMCS anyone here to help me what to do..........????????
  17. Hello dear staff. i get this error when adding my domain:( This appears to be a subdomain you are adding (1008485) .) my domain is : (iranpayput.ir) i point dns too ......my control panel username is : b22_19211734 ...help me please .kind regard.
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