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6 hours ago, 360 said:

There's no tutorial for this. It's just custom coding. Utilizing the API you can make your client area.

Check out his GitHub account for an API client https://github.com/InfinityFreeHosting/mofh-client

I use WHMCS which isn't cheap but it's easy to set up and I'm able to manage customer accounts, prevent abuse and even offer my paid plans.

Tutorial for WHMCS: https://myownfreehost.net/cpanel-api.php

ok tell me how to run this github @mofh api????

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2 hours ago, 360 said:

You'll have to discover that on your own since I don't provide support for any of these things.

It doesn't let you choose a subdomain name, it just tells you that those domains are available in your control panel to create subdomains. That's just a simple list that the reseller added. You can do this type list yourself by editing the signup file and add a select input there with the options you need. (I've had that question too once I've seen UltimateFreeHost.In's signup page)


<th style="text-align: left;">Following subdomains available from cPanel
   <select size="1" name="script">
      <optgroup label="Select ">
         <option value="" selected="selected"> choose subdomain</option>
         <option value="wordpress">22web.org</option>
         <option value="joomla">100001mb.com</option>
         <option value="drupal">2Kool4u.net</option>
         <option value="bigace">66ghz.com</option>
         <option value="nucleus">a0001.net</option>
         <option value="typo3">fast-page.org</option>
         <option value="b2evolution">html-5.me</option>
         <option value="geeklog">iblogger.org</option>
         <option value="kajona">is-best.net</option>
         <option value="concrete5">is-great.org</option>
         <option value="pivot">is-best.org</option>
         <option value="tikiwikigroup">likesyou.org</option>
         <option value="modxrevo">loveslife.biz</option>
         <option value="pligg">my-board.org</option>
         <option value="phpbb">my-style.in</option>
         <option value="mybb">mydiscussion.net</option>
         <option value="vanilla">nichesite.org</option>
         <option value="opencart">social-networking.me</option>
         <option value="oscommerce">talk4fun.net</option>
         <option value="zencart">totalh.net</option>
         <option value="hhgmultistore">web1337.net</option>

So you are the person who bought UltimateFreeHost.in from Jyotirmoy Biswas ?

I must say MOFH has very limited access to customise the website or make it whitelevel 

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