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How can I make WordPress from my reseller for free

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Buenas tardes a todos. soy nuevo con el revendedor gratuito  https://myserverfree.com/ y queria saber si puedo medidor mi revendedor hosting con wordpress, Lo intente. y meti un tema host pero no me hace la función de revendedor. Algun paso a seguir? Muchas gracias de ante mano. Saludos y abrazos..?
Good afternoon everyone. I am new to the free reseller https://myserverfree.com/ and wanted to know if I can gauge my reseller hosting with wordpress, try it. and I got a host theme but it doesn't make me the reseller. Any steps to follow? Thank you very much in advance. Greetings and hugs☺️

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Hey there,

Welcome to the community :) !

It is possible to use wordpress with your free hosting account but is not recommended if you use free hosting account due to high CPU usage. If you still want to continue with wordpress, you just have to keep the signup.php file and link any register links to that file!

And please write anything you post here in English.


Hope that I helped. Feel free to ask for help in the future ;) 


Best Regards,



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