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  1. Please file a support ticket on this. http://support.ifastnet.com/
  2. Please file a support ticket on this, as they can help explain how the signup page functions, and what needs to be done to ensure proper connection with MOFH. Also, you can not add clients through the reseller panel. http://support.ifastnet.com/
  3. You need to add your domain into your hosting panel. To do this, log into your Domain registrar, and set the NameServers to those listed in the email you received when you signed up for web hosting. Then, log into your web hosting control panel, and go to Addon Domains, and enter the domain name in the field there. The rest of the fields, should auto-populate, and you can then hit Submit. When upload files to the domain, it'll have it's own folder, with it's own htdocs folder for it's files.
  4. http://panel.myownfreehost.net/ There's no www in front. However, if still have issues, please file a support ticket, as there may be an issue with the reseller account you made. http://support.ifastnet.com/
  5. The ?i=1 redirection checks if cookies / javascript are enabled on the client's browser, it only applies to free hosting plans and the way to disable it is to upgrade the account.
  6. All reseller clients would lose their sites, as the domain would be removed. All clients are tied to the domain they signed up through, which is why they have a sub-domain from the domain they signed up from. You can't transfer the clients to another hosting reseller, especially one not part of the Byet network.
  7. Suspended accounts cannot be handled through the forum. Please file a support ticket: http://support.ifastnet.com/
  8. Be sure to check your spam folder, for one. Also, it's best to use a real email address, like from Gmail or Yahoo, and not some of the small email providers that often get blacklisted due to most being spammers. If still not got the email, please file a support ticket on this. http://support.ifastnet.com/
  9. WP-Admin has nothing to do with cPanel or it's password. It's a blog software, not your hosting account. Please refer to the email sent when you created your hosting account, for the correct username and password and URL to log into cPanel.
  10. Yes, register for an account, and open a new ticket.
  11. Well, if they banned you from the services, that means you put up content that violated our ToS. That could include sites such as: Warez or illegal mp3 download sites, Adult sites (Porn), Spam of any kind, Phishing sites (PayPal or Facebook clones, etc), Sites that promote violence or racism. Therefore, there's nothing that can be done, as that content is not allowed, and you have been told that, as signed up, and in your support ticket. Learn to be productive with websites, and not to abuse the webhost's service, and the people that fall for your phishing scams.
  12. It's probably due to some permissions Drupal sets to. Please file a support ticket, and I'm sure someone can take care of this for you. http://support.ifastnet.com/
  13. Support will reply. You just need to have patience. Remember, it is Thanksgiving tomorrow. Also, I can't look, not even knowing what the site URL is.
  14. Well, more info is needed, to know for sure what the issue is. However, in this case, I think it's best to file a support ticket: http://support.ifastnet.com/
  15. Are you uploading to the htdocs directory? In free hosting, you have to do so.
  16. It means as stated. In order to make email account, you need to have a domain added to your cPanel. Email accounts can't be made to a subdomain.
  17. When filing support ticket, the domain field is not checked to see if valid, it's mainly a field to assist the techs in knowing what domain and account the issue is on. It should not have issues on submitting. Have you tried another browser, in case the one you used, is not reading the page correctly? Any suspended accounts, can only be taken care of through the support system: http://support.ifastnet.com/
  18. If the issue is not cleared up, please file a support ticket on this: http://support.ifastnet.com/
  19. Please file a support ticket on this: http://support.ifastnet.com/
  20. Which way are you trying to download the page? What script is the site running? Without knowing more about what you are trying to do and how, we can not help you much.
  21. Some messages are set to state about javascript, in case some people have it disabled. 9 times out of 10, the person wont have it disabled, but the message is just in case. But, like stated, API points can not be created on free service as these requests will be seen as bot requests and blocked, this is however supported on premium plans. Your Python Code is falling into this, which is why it can't be done, and you are getting the message.
  22. This has nothing to do with web browsers. Any web browser that works for a site, will work no matter if free or premium hosting account. Now, if a browser does not show right on some things, it's not the hosting account, but whatever coding in the site.
  23. Please file a support ticket at: http://support.ifastnet.com
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