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  1. So what are you going to do with this? You say that, but you don't even say what "this" is for. What are you trying to do here exactly? Are you trying to improve frontend validation before it's submitted? Are you going to proxy the forms through your own code so you can parse the regular confirmation page and show your own (spoiler: it won't work, I tried that already)?
  2. I would say I'm an experienced PHP developer (after all, you copied that line verbatim from my API client), but I can't find even a single one of the methods the client references in this code. I also can't find anything remotely related with installation or usage instructions. The idea of sharing software on GitHub is that other people can use it. You say it's in "beta testing" phase, but the idea of beta testing is that people can actually test it. If you want people to help test it, documenting at least something would help a lot to get people started.
  3. I checked the repository, but where is the code? There is no API client there, just documentation. The naming makes it look like it's an API client to the "mild-api-server" project. But there is no API client here and none of the methods used here are actually included in the server project.
  4. Eh, I don't understand what you're trying to do here, or what kind of information you need. You say you need "response code samples"? Which response codes are you referring to? Are you planning to parse the output of the regular confirmation page? Are you sure that getting access to the content of that page is even possible without breaking the registration flow?
  5. Note that even though your PHP configuration may enable error messages, your script's code may cause them to be surpressed as well. Check if your script has some kind of debug mode which you can enable to show the error information. You could submit a support ticket to iFastNet, but they make it quite clear that they won't help with website development, so I don't think they can help you.
  6. Of course they are different softwares and they are used differently! Why else would you combine them if they didn't have their own strengths and purposes? Nope, you can combine them without any problem. You can relay HTTP requests through a theoretically infinite number of (different) HTTP servers. How do you think Cloudflare works? They also use nginx to serve web pages, and that works fine when put in front of another nginx or Apache server. I guess so. In this regard, not really. It's pretty much standard practice if you want nginx's performance with mod_php and
  7. Yep, exactly. Every web request is first handled by NGINX and then by Apache. NGINX is more performant, but only Apache can run .htaccess rules. .. and nginx.
  8. You can find out what software your hosting server uses by asking your hosting provider? That's not me, but I can tell you that both Apache and NGINX are being used for every website.
  9. Both Apache and NGINX are used here. I think you'll want to select Apache, but I'm not sure why the plugin needs to know the server type anyways.
  10. None, you can't use the auto_prepend_file directive on free hosting. That doesn't mean your site is any less secure. Keep in mind that the free hosting servers already have plenty of security measures built in which mitigate the value of security plugins like Wordfence.
  11. What makes they think that if they don't respond to your ticket, they would respond to your forum post? Also, note that some issues take a bit longer to be handled because they require specialized staff. With most companies, L1/L2 support can be available 24/7, but specialized tech staff is only available Mo-Fr 9-5.
  12. No, I tried to install it on a test account which didn't have any other codes.
  13. I wish I could try, but I can't seem to be able to save anything to the control panel ads.
  14. Why contact support? Do you think they will change carefully chosen and enforced resource limits for you just because you ask nicely or your software says it's required?
  15. Oh, and one more suggestion: rather than using a very unreliable, free hosting account from a competing service, you can just link directly to the files on GitHub. Simply navigate to the file on GitHub and click the Raw button. Then copy that link and use it in the embed. GitHub has a fast, scalable, distributed system to serve the files. You don't need a PHP+MySQL hosting account to share static files. In short, GitHub can do everything for you. You're making it unnecessarily hard for yourself by combining it with Dropbox and a free hosting account.
  16. Looking good! I'll take a more in-depth look at it soon! Just two requests/suggestions: - Could you use GitHub's "Releases" feature to publish the downloadables, rather than use Dropbox? The releases function generates zip files for the repository at that state, but let's you upload custom downloadables as well. You can also add changelogs, and automatically notify anyone who has starred the repository, making it easy for other people to stay on top of updates. - If you update a particular theme, could you update it in-place rather than copy the folder with an "-UPDATED" suffix?
  17. The feature is called "Addon Domains" or "Subdomains" depending on what you're looking to do.
  18. Did you consider to learn how to build a website first before you start to provide website hosting services?
  19. Don't even use nulled software for testing purposes. If you know from the start that you will not be able to spend $16 per month on a license, ignore the software to begin with. WHMCS offers 30 day money back guarantee, so you can just buy their Starter license at $16 and try it out for a few weeks. If it doesn't work, just get your money back! Don't forget that cracked installations are usually very old versions, which may work differently from the latest WHMCS. And then exposing your reseller credentials and hosting accounts to what is likely to be malware is already extremely dangerous
  20. How do you expect MyOwnFreeHost to set up the subdomain if you don't use their nameservers? Are you planning to create DNS records manually for every account created? Or did you expect Byet to magically configure Cloudflare for you when you set up a website?
  21. Your domain name is pointing to the nameserver ns01.paradomain.net, which doesn't work. The website builder tries to look up where the (sub) domain is being served from right now so it can figure out where to upload your website. But your entire domain is down, so it can't look up the subdomain.
  22. .RAR is a proprietary file format, which means the ability to create and extract .RAR archives is restricted to specific licensed (and generally expensive) software. That is why file managers can't support it: the .RAR creators won't let them! .ZIP is an archive standard which is in the public domain, so it's available pretty much everywhere. So you should use .ZIP instead of .RAR wherever possible.
  23. Files larger than 10 MB cannot be uploaded in any way. This is the way the system was designed and (as far as I know) no exception will be made to that rule. You can try to contact support and ask them to increase it, but I'm pretty sure you're just wasting your own time and their time by doing so. If you need to upload a large zip file containing a script, just extract it on your computer and upload the extracted files. If you need to upload a large file so others can download it, use a specialized file sharing service (not a web hosting account) for that.
  24. Just set it up like you would set up any other hosting service? But I can recommend setting up one domain for your main website (infinityfree.net in my case) and another domain for customers (epizy.com primarily, for me). Doing so gives you a lot more flexibility in hosting your own site and helps ensure that a phishing site slipping the net won't trash the reputation of your main site.
  25. What I forgot to add (and cannot add because of bad forum permissions): try setting your domain to Full SSL instead of Flexible SSL. All sites are SSL enabled by default, and many scripts (and .htaccess samples) don't like Flexible SSL because they don't consider the possibility of using HTTPS URLs without handling HTTPS themselves.
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