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  1. 19 hours ago, Nabeel said:

    the login , header and footer files are a mess what should I do ? . any html code I add it breaks the whole css . (btw I am using tailwind css ). i customised my home page  but i cannot find a way to customise other pages without a mess. (my website : unlimitedfreehosting.cf) 

    I wrote you privately 😉

  2. Hello, as @Aqib indicates, the template|theme can be customized to your liking.

    they can add or remove whatever they want but they must have basic knowledge about html / css / javascript, they can modify or create a theme by editing the files that are in the temas/default folder the page of the main section where it shows plans and prices is the file principal.tpl and some of the modules that go on the left or right side are in the modulos folder.

    The other files are each separated by categories such as css, js, images, etc. each separated in their folders that can be modified to taste.

    It is quite simple to edit but you must have basic knowledge of htmlcss | javascript any questions do not hesitate to let me know.

    The idea of this project is that in the future with the help of the community, different themes, templates can be carried out and the script better improved so that it is easier to add and remove things to the liking of those who use it. Thus, to have better alternatives in designs that community users can create for the same community.

  3. On 10/3/2020 at 2:40 PM, uHost said:

    Hi @Thoufeeq

    You can customise your site with css,html and js, but you can't build a site like infinyfree using it. You should use a backend programming language like php to build a site like infinityfree.

    Html, css and javascript are intended for front end,a site like infinityfree has a lot of things to do in the backend. If you really want to build a custom clientarea i suggest you to learn php and a php framework (which will make your work a lot easier).

    As @Aqib stated you can use a css framework while working with frontend. Bootstrap is a good option but before considering materializecss, keep in mind that it hasn't been updated for a long time.

    Take a look at UIkit which is a css framework i love personally.

    I invite you to give demo a non-binding demo.x3host. ml is available for download and personalization to everyone's liking you can modify and improve it in the front section below the video this to download includes (account registration and logging and creation, suspension and reactivation of account hosting from the reseller api)

  4. On 9/9/2020 at 12:27 AM, uHost said:

    I've been applying for Adsense for the past few months but couldn't get it approved. The only thing that doesn't abide with their terms is that i don't have quality content on the site as it is a hosting website. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. 😪

    When I applied for adsence almost a year ago it was not difficult, you just have to have a first class domain .com .net .org etc unless they are free domains like ml. .ga etc otherwise they will never approve your site when you request adsence I did it with a free domain and it was rejected for that reason then I registered a .xyz and the service was approved without problems it took 2 months if for them to carry out the checks they wanted

  5. On 8/5/2020 at 4:15 PM, Isaac NYATSHI said:

    hi please help me i am a free hosting reseller i will know how to modify the pages of my home website of my reseller not the control panel but my website here is the link www.atic-rdc.tk, i will  that it be in French because here in Africa precisely in the DRC we speak French and I also have some writing that I will write on my site if possible, but the most important is to change the language of the site to  French, please I await your response cordially thank youScreenshot_20200805-184452.thumb.png.5238d9cbad799e6060e3456924d61ad8.png

    I think the only way to change the language of your page is by directly editing your website and making translations to the language you prefer. You have the freedom to modify it to the taste and languages that you prefer without problems

  6. 3 hours ago, portgaskun said:

    Hola buenas noches tengo un problema con mi pagina web, descargue la actualizacion de wordpress 5.5 y meti los archivos mediante el cpanel de ifast, cosa que ahora me salta un error y es el siguiente:



    ahora cuando voy al problema me salta lo siguiente:


     agradeceria mucho su ayuda desde ya muchas gracias

    Intentaste actualizar desde tu vpanel|cpanel a la versión mas reciente de php 7.3+ o ir probando de una en una a partir de la 5.6+ actualmente he notado que a muchos les esta dando problemas wordpress

  7. A tip you should have pointing your domain'S DNS to the servers you provide when requesting your reseller account. Remember that the support team sometimes delays in responding to requests. and if more than 48 hours have passed and you have not activated the service contact adminsitracion from support.ifastnet.com and create a ticket so they can answer you

  8. 15 hours ago, typicalGtaTG said:


    As many of you know that the Single Sign on for whmcs doesn't work so do the quick shortcuts, Now the only way to login is to get credentials from the email. My users kept on opening tickets saying that it doesn't work so today I was finally able to remove both quick shortcuts and the "Login to Cpanel", "Login to Webmail" as for the change password it actually works so I decided to keep it. I was also able to find a way for changing the links to where those buttons takes you/adding new buttons there. Now, My plan is to replace the buttons in the quick shortcuts to show the actual credentials like this. And I've also found a way to do that aswell but now I'm stuck I don't know how to fetch those values there the values like {$service_username} from the email templates don't work but I know for sure there has to be a way to do this. If you're good at whmcs and know a method of fetching those please let me know either here or my discord idk if sharing discord is allowed so PM me for that.


    When I do all this I'll release a tutorial on how to do it all, For now I need your help.


    Thank you for reading.

    The hosting account username should be given to you when the api creates the hosting account. you should check in your whmc database if you indicate in the tables something like what you are looking for but you should identify the function to create hosting accounts and there should tell you what data extracts at the time of creation I would like to help you but to use whmc require a license try to install in demo but requires license.

  9. 12 hours ago, typicalGtaTG said:

    Wait what? I don't get you mate. Can you please explain better

    If you are working with myownfreehost reseller only 6 functions are available which are used to work with the api [WHM has several but will not work with mofh] because it is limited. you will have to work hard to achieve what you want with whm. But it would only work.:

    1. ->availability() - Checks whether a domain / sub-domain can be used.

    2. ->createAccount() - Create a hosting account from the reseller api.

    3. ->password() - Change account|client password.

    4. ->suspend() - Disable the hosting account.

    5. ->unsuspend() - Enable the hosting account.

    6. ->getUserDomains() -  Displays the domains, sub-domains associated with the user.

    Unless they find more available lately, but I don't think so.

    The best thing is to start a web project so you can modify and create as you like from 0 since WHM and others will not work 100% since the api is limited to reseller free.

  10. 15 hours ago, paulo said:

    Não funciona essa Hospedagem ela biga fica dando erro 405 onde o usuário vai criar conta uma.verdadeira merda tenho 2 conta nada funciona !

    enable From Your panel alter php Config > display error so that you can see in more detail the errors that are causing you

  11. 7 hours ago, typicalGtaTG said:


    I got WHMCS fully setup and working now (v7.10.2) but now that I try to do a test registration it gives me an "Array" error: https://cdn.typicalgta.com/i/4xlqu7.png

    If you know how I can fix it then please help. When i added the cpanel it also gave me this error and give it everytime i click on refresh on that page https://cdn.typicalgta.com/i/w19eys.png

    This one when i click on sync accounts: https://cdn.typicalgta.com/i/q7pian.png

    And this when i click on Login to WHM: https://cdn.typicalgta.com/i/o3khuk.png

    It's not my WHMCS as i did try with an actual cpanel and it worked there perfectly.

    The site is https://clientarea.profreewebhost.ml which you can verify the license for if it sounds suspicious.


    Thank you.

    Friend for accounts reseller Free Not all the functions that use WHM are enabled so you get errors that system in accounts free does not work.

  12. I think it's a good idea to inform resellers, free and paid the days that reboots, updates and so on servers are made, because sometimes it shows dropped phpmyadmin and so on and we think that is our website and is when you perform some task on the part of the support team could be some area of announcement about maintenance or updates

  13. On 6/1/2020 at 9:10 AM, starline said:



    I am  looking at making a custom client zone, similar to InfinityFree's. 

    There has to be some sort of way to do it, right? Would it be possible via the API?

    How would i access the database to get users sites and names, logins etc - and is there a simple way to make the system work?


    Any help would be appreciated.


    InfinityFree's Dashboard: https://ibb.co/3Mj16jK


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