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  1. The demo is running again ready for your partial tests I hope it does not fall again hahaha
  2. Hello tomorrow I will try to renew it and install the demo again I think I still have it saved
  3. try changing the php version of your hosting from the vpanel | cpanel eh try again the installation of the script can be that that problem to php 7.0 or higher
  4. It must be the number of visits or simultaneous users in the hosting I have reviewed the directory and everything is in order try deleting the cookies from your browser and try again, although I think it is the hosting account where the hosted eh haha
  5. I have no idea why I'm selling you so I can do
  6. The demo website? I open the page normal Anyone else will have this problem? I will try from another place to have if it opens normal or it is fallen. Is found demo I smell my ban to compile external links haha https://image.prntscr.com/image/1NXKfpKgQ5ektTWt-15Qgw.jpg
  7. Video installation: https://www.youtube.com/embed/qHILPJVHV3A I do not know how to add a video here as I said before it is so that they have the idea of how the library works but not so that they apply them as they are to their websites. I know we all have our way of doing things to our liking and with their differences, also they must work creating a complete registration system with database and client area so that the system works with the independent ideas of each one of you. That the system reacts to what the registered user requests. As the verification of a domain before creating
  8. Check my comment on 

    surprise for you :$

  9. I think this version will help you a bit I did it as simple and explained as I could in the code tomorrow will upload the installation video in case someone has problems. This new version is a demonstration of how the new script works, I have a live version that I will share with you and the availability for downloading so everyone can have it for free and implement the idea so they can create their administration panel based on the script . remember that this version requires PHP 5.5+ or higher over previous versions of php will not work. I share the links hoping that I will not be
  10. I will have to make a video of how to put the script to work (FOR TESTS) so you can execute the orders in a simpler way the problem will be to upload the video since my internet is a bit slower, and make official the use of mofh for developers so I can give you the idea (I'll try)
  11. I thought nobody would use this but I'm glad that it is that someone uses it
  12. For those who know me, I regret leaving the forum and the discord a bit behind but I will start to pick up what I stopped, I had problems with my pc computer, it damaged the hard disk where I had information of great importance and part of the active projects, and even now I could only recover 10% for saying so of everything I had. Apart work now takes more time and I only have the hours of the night to resume programming and is not favorable when you have a tired sight and a confused mind but I will try to recover everything as quickly as possible.

  13. Remember that you must add your ip address to your reseller account from where you will be executing the script accounts with 5 available functions in this script 1. domain verification. 2. hosting account creation. 3. account suspension 4. Update or change password 5. Reactivation of account disabled by the same user you must take into account that for the creation of account in the name of being maximum 8 characters you can create or use a random name generator for this. The functions are marked with 2 // as an example of how it is used to call it from the script, I remin
  14. Message sent check your email I regret not answering before, it is for work reasons greetings
  15. @PlanetCloud I'll leave you a message for discord

  16. Friend @PlanetCloud I believe that @infinityFree refers to that because not create or share a library as well as mofh so that anyone can use it as the aforementioned publicly and help to correct errors errors etc because according to how I understand you want to make a server where everyone works with your bookstore connect to it and receive an answer but for that you must have a very powerful hosting server and a domain first to be able to realize that idea that you think you have in mind otherwise having multiple clients interacting at the same time with your library on your server will cau
  17. Surely it has been to publish external links so I sometimes avoid compratirlos in public the forum has its restrictions I think
  18. and for the sending of emails you can use this library phpmailer configure and adapt it to your web script for sending messages by mail https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer
  19. I will give you an idea only in theory I do not know how they are doing with that api mild or logged I do not know which is the connection with the server reseller but use the one that connects with the reseller make a separate registration system that verifies domain email user password etc the basic data and once all this is done send a validation email from the same website, once the user's account has been validated and has access to the web portal, which gives the user access to create a hosting account, that's where the api or the api of mofh would enter, I do not know what they are usin
  20. einet


    The error indicates that either the user, password, name of the database or host are badly verified and compare them with those assigned to him by the vpanel in the database section I am sure that it is the _imo that is in the other user
  21. perfect I'm glad you worked greetings
  22. You can also try changing the version of the php from your vpanel to a more recent one to 5.4 or higher can help to solve your problem
  23. ahh yes because I can answer the private messages that send me but create a new one I can not
  24. Hi, @admin_kaze I think there is another problem with respect to private messages, I do not know if I am the only one with this problem or there are other users but not being able to send private messages to other users. I do not have permission to write or reply to anyone in private messages. I do not know if it's me because of my Senior Members rank or I will be...
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