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Found 19 results

  1. Bonjour Comment modifier le lien du FTP dans la page "view account"... Merci ---trad google--- Good morning How to modify the FTP link in the "view account" page... THANKS
  2. Bonjour Quel API SSL peut on lier avec Xare/Generate Area ? Gogetssl, est par défaut, mais est il possible d'utiliser Zerossl ? Merci ---trad google--- Good morning Which SSL API can we link with Xare/Generate Area? Gogetssl is default, but is it possible to use Zerossl? THANKS
  3. Bonjour Quel API utilisateur me conseillez vous ? Xera ? GeneratePress ? ou autre ? Merci a vous ---trad google--- Good morning Which user API do you recommend? Xera? GeneratePress? Or other ? Thank you
  4. Bonjour Puis-je utiliser une adresse mail comme Gmail (à la place de : [email protected]) pour les mail envoyer depuis la zone clients (Xera/Generate Area) ? Je ne sais pas si je suis très claire... Mais bon 😅 ---trad google--- Good morning Can I use an email address like Gmail (instead of: [email protected]) for emails sent from the client area (Xera/Generate Area)? I don't know if I'm very clear... But hey 😅
  5. Salut Qui connais : UIISC https://uiisc.org/ Cela vous semble bien ? ---trad google--- Hi Who knows: UIISC https://uiisc.org/ Sounds good to you?
  6. MOFH api in .NET i just released my first version of a new api wrapper in C# (Other .NET languages coming soon). GitHub project: ptobuon/mofh-net-api: MyOwnFreeHost api in .NET First release: Release v20220724 · ptobuon/mofh-net-api If you want contribute open a issue or a pull request. Any help is accepted. Docs coming soon
  7. Hi there! We are the best free hosting in Russia, and we understood that WHM API is really poor, so ... We have created a php library, that connects to MyOwnFreeHost panel and interacts with it. Check it with documentation at https://github.com/hostronavt/mofh-client I'm waiting for comments
  8. Hi there! I'm a Russian MyOwnFreeHost reseller (https://hostronavt.ru) and I'm in need of your help. Do you know how to do this tasks via API: 1) Connect to user's vPanel not via myownfreehost panel, or get link somehow via API (because to give to technical support the admin dashboard is a bad idea) 2) and to change plans via API. Thanks!
  9. Can Any Make mofh client for me or any have like infinityfree
  10. I released the code used to interface with the WHM API of MyOwnFreeHost on InfinityFree. You can now download, install and use it in your own projects. You can view and download the code here: https://github.com/HansAdema/mofh-client
  11. How do I can install mofh client API on my website so there is any way to install without learning PHP
  12. Hi there, We're currently making a system that allows resellers to create a custom email confirmation page instead of this : This was meant to be integrated into Project LOGGED which you can learn more here : The help we needed is some response sample from the confirmation page. Such as "Email is not valid" etc. but please don't send message of known responses. Some known message : E-mail is not valid Account Name is already in use Please refresh the previous page, the captcha puzzle has allready been solved. Security Code does not match, click back and try again ! Username cannot be less than 4 characters long Password cannot be less than 6 characters long Submit your responses here : https://goo.gl/forms/qCWq6GIGgHCEryMz2 Your contribution does means a lot to us. Contributions looks like this on our end : Thank you
  13. Hello Everyone, MILD API was an API that can be used easily with PHP, JS or any other langugage that supports HTTP requests. We had Public/Open API and Private API. The Public/Open API (will be mentioned ad Public) can be used without any authentication such as username/password. This was used on Project Logged version 1.7 and above for the domain verification. Which you can check it out here : Quick Preview : There are more feature's coming to Public API soon. The Private API on the other hand requires Authentication and depending for it's use, it might require MOFH API Key and Password and a given IP to be whitelisted. The Private API can Create Accounts without API KEY and PASSWORD or whitelisting any server IP. More feature's are also coming to the Private API and we can't wait to see what you can built. You can check out the respository here : https://github.com/PlanetGamingGG/myownfreehost-mild-api-client All the information you needed are there! Thank you.
  14. Hi there, If you wanted to integrate MILD API to your site, then please read this topic: This topic is how you can host your own MILD API on your server. Check out the repository here : https://github.com/PlanetGamingGG/myownfreehost-mild-api-server IMPORTANT: THIS LIBRARY IS AIMED AT EXPERIENCED PHP DEVELOPERS. Experience with object-oriented PHP and Composer is required. If you can't use oo-PHP and Composer, don't bother with this system. Thank you
  15. Recently, @PlanetCloud got unbanned as many of you know, however his posts are gone. We hope that this issue is fixed, until then I wanted to keep his project MILD thread on the community, because it will help a lot of new members. Right now, his project can be found on Github. Here is the Client Side version of the MILD API: https://github.com/PlanetGamingGG/myownfreehost-mild-api-client , which works well nand can be used. Here is the server, the core itself that runs the API: https://github.com/PlanetGamingGG/myownfreehost-mild-api-server , however as PlanetCloud stated it is not yet ready for production. I, have no affiliation with this, and we hope that his original posts get restored.
  16. Hii Everyone, I have a good news i know how to link mofh with whmcs with auto-login. I gonna share that but Only at $1 per user because i wested my many times with this....... Any one wants this then mail me personally sspradhan25[at]hotmail.com after paymet i will do it for you...... so don't weast your time anywhere else it just for $1 for wapsite. No bargaining please....... Thank you... S.S.PRADHAN
  17. Hi, I'm Andres Salazar and I own a free account, in the last few days I have a lot of problems to make a connection to my server and to offer the services for free, but I do not understand the method, my site is www.tuhost.cf I would like to configure everything but I have been very confused I need help or a tutorial thanks help me.....
  18. Hyy I am subhendu i just wants to integrate auto login system in my WHMCS by using MOFH CLIENT API ....... So anyone done this please reply me or mail me Sspradhan25[at]hotmail.com
  19. I'm having issues when trying to access my ecommerce site hosted here. I don't have any issues with sites hosted with other providers. What can I check in order to fix this???
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