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How to get HTTPS on Free Hosting ?

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Hi everyone,
I often see people looking to get an SSL certificate on their free hosting so I made a tutorial explaining how to get a free SSL certificate. Enjoy reading :)

Step 1 : Order a free SSL certificate on GotGetSSL : https://www.gogetssl.com/sslcerts/free-ssl/


Step 2 : Generate Certificate

Go to the page of unconfirmed SSL certificates: https://my.gogetssl.com/en/user/sslcerts/status/incomplete/ and select the ordered certificate then click on " Generate a certificate".


Then click on "Online CSR Generator" and fill in the required fields :


Copy the Certificate Signing Request(CSR) field and paste it on the page where you clicked on the "Online CSR Generator" link :
IMPORTANT : keep the key private because it will be useful for the following



Then click on "Validate CSR".

Step 3 : Certificate validation

On the validation page select DNS as the validation method and click Next Step.


Fill in the information requested and click on "Complete generation" :

Go to the cPanel and the CNAME Records menu :


Go back to the page of the certificate then in the menu Domain validation copy from _ to . then put it in "SOURCE" :


Do the same thing but this time you copy after CNAME to the end of the line :


Do the same thing but this time you copy after CNAME until the end of the line then you put it in "DESTINATION" then click on Add.

Wait 2 minutes then click on revalidate and wait 3 minutes :


Step 4: Install the certificate

Once validated go to the SSL/TLS page on the cPanel.

Go back to the certificate page then download the CSR Code file and open it with the notepad :
Then copy all the content and put it in the CSR field on the cPanel:

Do the same with the private key you saved and click on "Upload Key".
Do the same with the Certificate file and click on "Upload Certificate".
Note: The Intermediate CA file is useless.

Wait a few minutes and the SSL certificate will be installed.

Do not hesitate to tell me your opinion and I will correct if there are things to correct :)

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