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  1. If Cloudflare breaks your site, then it's your website which is not working as it should. Many, many people use Cloudflare on free hosting without any problems. But it's important to note that infinityfree.net itself is not actually hosted on free hosting. It's one of the biggest free hosting brands in the world, you can't host a website that popular on a free hosting account.
  2. Wildcard SSL certificates are not supported on free hosting. You need to use a regular, domain specific SSL certificate.
  3. InfinityFree.net is hosted on Google Cloud Platform. But next time, please don't hijack someone else's topic to ask questions like that.
  4. Is "wapsite" a typo of "website" or do you actually mean a website in mobile WAP style? You know, sites designed with very narrow screens in mind, no CSS, no Javascript and horrible design on any remotely modern device?
  5. The create_user_session method of the WHM API is not supported on MyOwnFreeHost, so the "Login to cPanel" button won't work in WHMCS.
  6. WordPress looks complicated when explained like that, but almost every CMS and application is just as complex. And I can guarantee you: WHMCS uses far more resources than WordPress.
  7. If you get a message saying that your domain is "already assigned to an account and in use on another account", that means the domain name is already in use on another account. And you also said that you added it to another account as a parked domain. It looks quite straight forward to me.
  8. Laravel 5.6 requires at least PHP 7.1. Also, enable debug mode in Laravel to see the actual error.
  9. Nobody can, because MyOwnFreeHost does not support all features of WHMCS.
  10. Email Forwarders work fine. But it sounds like you're trying to forward to Gmail, and Gmail notably discards any forwarded emails. Try forwarding to any other email provider and you'll see the forwarders work.
  11. I'd say that NOT having a forum is the rule. Most premium hosting providers don't have a forum as far as I can tell. After all, why would you need one? With premium hosting, you purchase a service and if you need help you send an email to support. And for doing announcements, social media is usually preferable because more people casually check Facebook than their hosting provider's forum. So only the people looking to mingle are left. And in my experience, the percentage of people interested in that is extremely small and nowhere near enough to build a viable community. Just look at thi
  12. The API is just HTTP, so you can access it from virtually any programming language. It's meant to be compatible with the WHM API v1, for which the specs can be found on cPanel's website.
  13. The API doesn't really allow you to search or get information about accounts, so storing the account details in your own database is the only option IMO. There is no way to "retrieve" an account through the API, so you should probably store at least your own 8 character username and the host_12345678 username.
  14. Maybe we're we don't understand eachother properly, but it sounds like we mean the same thing. You say Byet is about selling services on iFastNet and I say Byet is about sending people to iFastNet to buy services. Isn't that exactly the same thing? In either case, a white label domain program would harm iFastNet on the long run I think. Like you said, iFastNet wants people to upgrade via your site. A white label domain program would mean they would upgrade on your site. They would be your customers, not iFastNet's customers. And don't forget that the margins on domain names are razor
  15. That depends. Are you an experienced, professional PHP developer? Then the integration should be fairly straight forward. Do you have little or not experience with PHP software development and did you hope to find a ready to use client area? Then you will be very disappointed and you might not even be able to integrate it.
  16. iFastNet wants people to upgrade to iFastNet. That doesn't happen if everything is sold white label through your own website.
  17. Running a PHP command works effortlessly on Linux, macOS and other good operating systems, you don't even need a full web server stack to run it. Addtionally, It also works on Windows, you just need to download a PHP executable. As @mike said, your computer needs to be REALLY slow for it not to work. I've ran Composer on Atom processors with 512 MB of RAM without any problem. There was some discussion about installing it without Composer on the GitHub page as well: https://github.com/HansAdema/mofh-client/issues/16
  18. The template is quite easy to get. It's the application code underneath it that's the real value. To call the client management system a "template" is an insult to be honest. A template is HTML and CSS, maybe with a PHP contact form or something.
  19. But iFastNet also sells domain names already and puts their domain registration options in the control panel already. Why would they help someone cut into their profits by letting others sell the same service they sell themselves?
  20. Mastodon is typically deployed through a Docker container. Are you sure it's possible to even run it on a PHP/MySQL shared hosting service?
  21. Did you follow the installation instructions?
  22. The custom username thing is specific to MyOwnFreeHost and not part of the WHM API spec, so WHMCS does not support it out of the box. And WHMCS is fully encrypted with ionCube so.... good luck with that.
  23. Actually, I'm OK with helping people and I think most people are. However, there is a difference between "helping" and "doing your work for you". If you are using the API or the API client and get stuck with a specific implementation detail, I'm happy to talk to you. But, for example, if you come to me saying you downloaded the API client zip file and don't know what to do next, I will not help you (try following the installation instructions first). And I, as well as pretty much anyone else ever, will not give away for free the project they invested a lot of time and effort in becau
  24. A sample is available on the GitHub page.
  25. Depends on what you mean by "support". If you mean "you can execute Composer commands on the hosting server", then no. But you can install the dependencies on your own computer and upload them to a free hosting account and they will work perfectly.
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