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  1. From now on I will not give more support and the Einet Anake script has been removed. The one that I keep it well and the one that does not sadden.

    1. AHost


      That's Unfortunate 

    2. Anyx


      Unfortunate, but it's been a good run. Thank you for providing support and updates for it while it lasted!

      If you're still here, could you clarify if "I will not give more support" was for your script, or general?

      Also sorry for posting late.

  2. Users who are using einet Anake I invite you to take a tour of github to update their websites. Cheers

    1. Lebyy



      HTTP 404 This page doesn't work!!

      Sorry but the page you are trying to access is not available or has been deleted!!

      I always get this error when trying to login/register

    2. einet


      I have answered your question for MD

  3. google does not work for my 😆 impossible to translate what they tell me haha.

  4. I notice something new in the forum but I don't know what it is xD haha. hey the chat does not work jump error 😍

    1. Archelaos


      Perhaps the new look? I've informed them about the chatbox.

    2. einet


      if it looks more rested for the eyes quite good 🐙

  5. Does anyone know the owner of freessl .space their website has been down for days and it was an excellent service but I think they will not return :c

  6. Is there a problem connecting to the mofh reseller api today?

  7. you should increase the capacity for private messages here in the Forum a little bit more :|

  8. I wrote to them privately is to invite them to give their point of view and I hope it works and is easy to modify, edit customize. You can take a look at the demo ❤️

  9. From time to time it's good to keep our identity always protected, 😗 💃🌼 to be seen as we want. This creates confidence in the Observer. 

    1. Viyogi


      privacy is important indeed :)


  10. Already working on our new platform 😊 

  11. Greetings community I hope you are well happy Saturday 😛

    1. Sebas


      gracias einet, igualmente!!


    2. einet
  12. I don't usually share news and information from external sites but this article is interesting and I want to share it with the community. For those who did not understand, why many servers that offer free and paid hosting have stopped working and are currently seeing a list of errors due to cpanel, I think we will be the only ones who will have the privilege of using cpanel xD or Appearance read it https://bit.ly/34ZWNGi

    1. Anyx


      A bit of old news lol, but yeah, the pricing change killed a lot of small companies and most of the free hosting companies offering cPanel.

    2. einet


      Yes haha but I had not understood why these companies had stopped working xD

  13. yvVEPO3.jpg

    1. einet


      must be the maintenance server I think 9_9

  14. Check my comment on 

    surprise for you :$

  15. For those who know me, I regret leaving the forum and the discord a bit behind but I will start to pick up what I stopped, I had problems with my pc computer, it damaged the hard disk where I had information of great importance and part of the active projects, and even now I could only recover 10% for saying so of everything I had. Apart work now takes more time and I only have the hours of the night to resume programming and is not favorable when you have a tired sight and a confused mind but I will try to recover everything as quickly as possible.

  16. @PlanetCloud I'll leave you a message for discord

  17. I did a tutorial on how to generate an SSL certificate for young people who have hosting and accounts here in byethost and resellers in this community.


    Attached the link hoping not to delete it I wanted to create a topic but I can not: c

    Download tutorial

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    2. Shouvik Mitra

      Shouvik Mitra

      If you like, I welcome you to do a guest blog on, https://www.packofcoders.blogspot.com.

      Pass on your Gmail ID in my inbox, if you wish to do a guest blog about the particular topic. It will not only help other developers inside the forum but also enable other Byet.host users all around the world!

      Thanking You,
      Shouvik Mitra.

    3. Shouvik Mitra
    4. Anyx


      Could you update the tutorial link by editing the post? The original one has expired now :D 

  18. again the pages and servers fallen resellers and others giving error 404: |

  19. No hay notificación ni noticias sobre la caída de todos los servidores de ifast net friend @administrator ?

    1. einet


      There is no notificicacion or news about the fall of all the servers of ifast net friend @administrator

  20. Problems continue with https:// in clients' cpanel :$

  21. @Nicky Hello send a message to support from http://support.fastnet.com indicates that you did not get the email so it is advisable to use any email less hotmail but they will send you your data remember to check in unwanted emails

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