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  1. And for the friend of http://hostfree2018.ml nice site but they have a big problem with your panel I was given to log in clients and I have opened an account without asking for data or anything not know if this is normal or is the web that has a big problem here I leave an image
  2. Free domains like tk they let them use and when they have a high traffic of visitors they take it away to sell it at a high price. so is freenom. as if someone paid a high price for a tk domain that is worth more than a .com o.net but that's friends
  3. Certainly they should apply a ssl certificate to give a bit more security to the forum I support the idea \
  4. I remove it with javascript by applying this code on the page in the header or at the bottom of the page <script type="text/javascript"> var searchWinHref = window.location.href; if(searchWinHref.indexOf("?i") > -1) { window.location.href = window.location.href.split('?')[0]; } </script>
  5. I remove it with javascript by applying this code on the page in the header or at the bottom of the page <script type="text/javascript"> var searchWinHref = window.location.href; if(searchWinHref.indexOf("?i") > -1) { window.location.href = window.location.href.split('?')[0]; } </script>
  6. seu site está funcionando corretamente, verifique se voce tem o mesmo problema agora, se sim, limpe o histórico do seu navegador e tente ingerir seu site
  7. Trying to say what the friend wrote: Hello, thanks for the advice in this forum that is a company here or infinityfree forum and the other is the same, I enter with the same account in infinityfree as in ifreenet use the two servers now we are going that the domain that interests me is epizy .com I can not install ssl I have tried several times with .ml or .ga and I can not get anything to help me get how to install or activate ssl
  8. 1st message more or less I understand the language: Personal I have an account in IFREENET and I can not manage to activate SSL in my site I need help, if someone can help me already I would appreciate it. I already tried in several ways some of the topics like cloudflare, sslfree among other sites and the site that I try to activate it is this grateful http://wcstudio.epizy.com
  9. Obviously your cpanel what is happening is that you close the session after log in with one of my account with your cpanel and if the session is closed and redirect to the login again contact support so they can help. https://support.ifastnet.com/login.php with the others cpanel starts session normally
  10. I did not have it but I deleted it when ifastnet did the update in cpanel by cPanel x3
  11. The last changes made were css in the domain search engine
  12. have you uploaded the icons and images to the same hosting in the img folder where you uploaded the css? if so, you must verify that the url of the images in the css that are well the route because if it is not so, the icons will not be displayed. share the address of your css to verify if the icons are in place so I can help you could also be the cookies of your browser that have taken the old css routes
  13. If you mean to use the theme that the guys share without using JS you can integrate it by adding the css in this way in the module on the left of reseller panel in the advertising area <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://yourdomain.com/css/cpanel-x3-light.min.css"/> You upload it to your main hosting and change the link where you have uploaded the topic
  14. Hi guys I have no problem with sharing the subject under the name you prefer, although it should be called as the original because it is a topic belonging to cpanel and should be so to avoid future problems with copyright or something like that. And I do not know if they have been fixed but already the section of the domain search engine can be added ifssnet css personal removed the iframe that had to integrate the search engine and have added directly to the cpanel, so it can be customized. It is displayed like this: -https://image.prntscr.com/image/KOKCpa7RQn_FK5yE7vLw7w.jpg In cas
  15. Ok I already left it as it was thanks to the notice I will not share anything then
  16. UPDATE THEME DETAILS:: To the guys who downloaded the song I shared with you, I recommend updating it for the following version, the following has been corrected: 1. The domain finder has been hidden since it can not be customized and it looks bad, I decided to hide it so that it does not show on the panel. 2. Fixed a problem of alignment to the left that caused deformation by integrating advertising in the module on the left, this happened only on screens 960, 1024 the others worked well. 3. The cpanel icons that did not match your link name have been removed.
  17. The changes that were made were minimal as indicated by the following: 1:integrate all the css into a single one from 4 to one including the sprite of the cpanel icons 2:use a little darker colors because the originals produce more light and make it bother our eyes as background, panel edges adjust to the domain search engine that certainly could not do much since it comes from an external website included with an iframe impossible to modify colors and alignment, alignment of icons and text in the buttons of the tools, change of color in the sub-menu of the user. 3:adjustment of
  18. yep if it works safe was updating something, everything is in order :P
  19. I also made some minor changes to the subject to provide better clarity to the view since I was leaving the colors very clear haha I leave a capture here and the subject for which you want to download and have a look greetings: preview https://i.imgur.com/gLPihsP.jpg Download: Download Theme
  20. The .div class is used to customize the div table separate add colors anything you want to add to that <div> colors, margins, etc all depends example: in css: .div { color:red; background:black; padding:5px; } This in CSS would indicate to the web that the <div class = "div"> would add the color in the text in red, the color of the background of the div in black and the internal space of 5px as it is said and everything depends on what you want customize in that div
  21. I meant that if you have customer websites already created with the extension of the main domain example.mydomain.com you will have problems with cloudflare when it comes to keeping the dns connected, there are disconnections of the sub-domain sites of the clients that already they have an account, now if you have the main website of your hosting separately you do not have problems with cloudflare.
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