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  1. I think MonstaFTP is far better than any other WebFTP software out there, idk but my experience with it is nice, it's design is pretty decent with a modern looking looks. Also I find it easy to use to manage site files. The only software I could think of if InfinityFree decides to find alternative for MonstaFTP is Net2FTP, the latest version is actually pretty amazing! It has a decent design, It's very easy to use actually, I personally think that this software is great.
  2. Same it may be confusing. I found out about that script like 5 months ago well it's kinda nice but there are much more better scripts out there.
  3. Yes I know you mean the quota of webmail. Did you understood my last reply?
  4. I use HTTP(S). Can you Ping Byet Servers though? Also I use HTTP(S) on my personal site only.
  5. Lol $250 Should be good Edit: Nvm I think it's not, I just converted it to Php and I think it's kinda low in terms on buying a not for sale client area...
  6. Also additional to all information provided to @PlanetCloudand @PCTipsGR. Stream sites usually needs a lot of power and resources to be maintained and free hosting definitely cannot handle a large volumes of files and needs a lot of power and resources. In this case your website will be suspended (totally). If you use YouTube or other streaming sites and not using the servers of free hosting to host your videos then you're OK.
  7. Email Quota basically means your available space for your emails, just like GMAIL they offer 15GB I think? Also what do you mean about you will not use your hosting provider's MX record??
  8. Another +1 from here, even txt record is enough for me!
  9. What was that site all about @PlanetCloud? Never heard of that site before until this month.
  10. Also if you are using Free Domains from Freenom like .tk then it will gonna be a bad for SEO since usually this domains are used for illegitimate purpose. Also geekbiz.tk was good on SEO but Freenom suspended it because it was being popular.
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