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  1. if a little lost haha but I'm trying to enter a little more often
  2. I do not know if you still need the script but I have sent you an email with the script link in case you need it and I regret my absence I do not have much free time greetings
  3. Sorry for being late. I have sent a message to the email address that has left me with the details of the script
  4. I install | certificates in accounts that host someone in this way [without using the cloud of clouds] since the cloud of clouds has problems to disconnect and generate products in the networks of the clients. And so far I have not had any problems greetings maybe someone else will work for that I take an hour and a half of my valuable time to create this tutorial, to try to help them.
  5. In my profile leave a tutorial of how to install SSL in the hosting of here byethost check my last post greetings leave a link @brahan, @Aqib, @mike
  6. I did a tutorial on how to generate an SSL certificate for young people who have hosting and accounts here in byethost and resellers in this community.


    Attached the link hoping not to delete it I wanted to create a topic but I can not: c

    Download tutorial

    1. Shouvik Mitra

      Shouvik Mitra

      If you like, I welcome you to do a guest blog on, https://www.packofcoders.blogspot.com.

      Pass on your Gmail ID in my inbox, if you wish to do a guest blog about the particular topic. It will not only help other developers inside the forum but also enable other Byet.host users all around the world!

      Thanking You,
      Shouvik Mitra.

    2. Shouvik Mitra
    3. Anyx


      Could you update the tutorial link by editing the post? The original one has expired now :D 

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  7. if at the same time that the counters of the consumed bandwidth are restarted, I explain if it was consumed or frame more than what it really possesses when resetting itself auntomatically it shows the real quantity that it has but this is reset every 30 days
  8. the inodes are restarted every 30 days when the server reboots the monthly fee you can delete the files you think are unnecessary on your website and wait for the next reboot that is each end of the month your website can work as long as it is not suspended
  9. https://i.imgur.com/QUyxqx1.png Here I leave a clearer example to verify a domain with a form and the function plus the working library I remind you that the file should go next to the index since it requires the library that you spent last remember to add the user and pass of your reseller panel to the file that happened to them I apologize if I wrote with spelling errors and if my English is not understood ice a quick example THE FILE >> CHECK DOMAIN FILE
  10. to verify a domain you can do it from a search form or by POST or GET method in the example that I add to verify the domain was by get in the url when ending like this? domaim = the examplenameofexample.com and in this case use the function $ client-> availability ($ domain); showing answer of 1 if the domain is available and 0 or nothing if it is already registered I will make a simpler example to make it easier
  11. If I create test domains, go to the cpanel of the account where you created them and proceed to remove domain by domain from the domains area in your cpanel once deleted all go to your reseller panel and deactivate the accounts created after 30 days the server will automatically remove them from the system
  12. if you have placed the user and password of your reseller api mas IP in the panel of the api reseller does not need to do anything else can perform tests with functions that are disabled with // for example: // echo $ client-> availability ($ domain); // echo $ client-> createAccount (''); // echo $ client-> suspend (''); // echo $ client-> password (''); // echo $ client-> unsuspend (''); // echo $ client-> createAccount (''); are the only ones you can use with the script uncheck the line you want to use since it is currently active is echo $ client-> a
  13. can also activate the error log in alter php config to see with more details the errors shown by the php when the ip is incorrectly configured shows the address from where the script is running on your hosting
  14. if you are going to carry out local tests from your pc, you must indicate the ip of your computer, the one indicated by http://www.cualesmiip.com/ if you are going to execute the script from your web server, you must indicate the ip of your web server in the api reseller
  15. update the php version from your hosting cpanel where you test a version higher than 5.4 eh sent another message to the indicated mail
  16. Local test with the script working. In this case, testing if the google.com domain exists in my reseller server. Showing 1 indicates that the domain is available in my reseller server logically is to verify if a domain or sub domain of your reseller hosting exists or not a basic example. If you were able to perform this test without any error, indicate that the usename and password are well added remember to add the ip from where you are doing tests
  17. I can help you set up the api but you would have to look for a chat or where you can write them message send your email
  18. oquei you placed your username and password of your client reseller in $ client = new \ HansAdema \ MofhClient \ Client ('API Username', 'API Password'); and you added the ip of the team where you are executing the script inside the folder there are some images and a txt with instructions
  19. try to use the one that I just sent to the email remember to read the instructions and that the php version of your localhost is 5.4 or higher
  20. no you panel or empty no found
  21. you other email no found the server reboot message Message send to new email please load you email
  22. send me a private message with your email because I can not send mp in the forum I do not have permission
  23. @mike is right there is already a project created in GitHub only that the one that exists there does not include the complete script (composer) and its libraries and I would like to participate in such a project but I do not have free time
  24. remember to use a PHP version 5.3 or higher in your test hosting to avoid code errors
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