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  1. Am still working on the theme "uipanel" once finished i will share the trick on byet community keep any on the topic
  2. and here is a screenshot of my login page under development with the new trick, it's applied directly on the real cpanel login page
  3. all service links are redirectd to ifastnet website
  4. yes we can re-design it completely, for exemple i have add my own footer menu using a new trick not js injection
  5. hello, here is a screenshot of my next theme for vpanel , to get your appreciation and suggestions guys
  6. yes, it will be great but unfortunately this is not possible. However am so happy and excited to share the new trick it's really awesome you can customize your panel as u want, actually am working on login page and maybe integrating uikit to make login tab and inscription one
  7. i have started from the beginning, i have applied real cpanel css on vista with my new trick. no thing to download i will try to design a new login page and i will post the trick here Demo: panel.dotdz.ga
  8. Hello, mates there is new way wich allows you to customise even login page however it' undertesting before I post it Here is demo Cpanel.dotdz.ga
  9. thank's @PlanetCloud you've give me ispiration i can also add my own codes and maybe i can add new sections on cpanel. am starting a new project on github it will be a surprise and revolution on mofh community
  10. Am still working on it ? Demo: Cpanel.dotdz.ga
  11. my trick is css mod so nothing to download
  12. this trick is applied on the real cpanel
  13. hello mates i have new trick to theme your log in page here a screenshot i dont know if am allowed to put demo link https://arthealu.sirv.com/screenshot.png
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