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  1. On domain name i think you written chost.ga that's why you're getting this error
  2. Vistapanel thenes:- https://github.com/WybeNetwork/VistaPanel-Themes You can Read readme.md for installation process
  3. But you need to make sigup file on mydomain.tld/signup.php
  4. Yeah you can i asked this question to support staff 3 months ago
  5. I would suggest change Ns on TLDs dns server Also
  6. It will take some time lets Encrypt have severe rate limits preventing us from issuing enough certs as fast as they are needed. So please wait for atleast 7 days if it takes longer than 7 days then re-contact to IFASTNET
  7. However it can take 24 to 48 hours for working Properly I also faced this problem I used infinityfree Then Created a subdomain But It not worked Until Another Day after about 11 Hour it started To work
  8. ssl for cpanel Will Activate by Ifastnet In some Cases it can take A bit Longer to activate it! And also If you want ssl for Main Site Not To cpanel Then Use freessl.space instead Of Cloudflare!
  9. If you want to Use Another Mailing system providers then you need to add mx record on your site dns
  10. Yeah! You Can Create Or you can use Project Logged Login Pages Or Einet Anake or BoxBilling
  11. Hey there, You don't need to do anything if your domain Was Accepted on MOFH then ns1.yourdomain.Any was Setup Automatically!
  12. Contact to staff or if you have backup then Re-install WordPress!
  13. Hey there, i would suggest you to Open a ticket on support.ifastnet.com
  14. Hey there, Go to C/Vpanel Then go to Addon Domains Then Write your domain with extension then click on add domain Don't forget to Change Ns to Ns1.byet.org Ns2.byet.org Ns3.byet.org Ns4.byet.org Ns5.byet.org While Adding domain
  15. I think you should contact on Support.myownfreehost.net or support.ifastnet.com Support staff messaged me"Hi there, You will need to use http. we try to issue SSL on https but lets encrypt have severe rate limits preventing us from issuing enough certs as fast as they are needed. SSL is generated on the cPanel sub domain names automatically by the server, you do not need to do anything to make that work, it can take upto 7 days or more for the SSL to activate. Thank you and stay safe ! Please let us know if there is anything we can do.
  16. Hey there, AdSense is giving approval on Free Reseller Hosting site as well as my friend has ccTLD domain And He just got AdSense Approval!! He is using default einet anake whm Theme and That cms And main thing about AdSense approval in .tk .cf .ml AdSense no longer give AdSense approval on that site. At the end AdSense is currently giving approval on Free Reseller Hosting site!!!! Image as a prof. https://ibb.co/6H1dyWt
  17. Ohh, i think you need to contact support staff from:- http://support.ifastnet.com
  18. Did you received an email that your account suspended? if not check mails check on spam folder also
  19. If you remember try to login with that details or if you forgot click on forgot password and fill details and try with new password
  20. I don't know how can you recover did you Remember your vpanel username and password?
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